About WSOS

Storytelling is your passion. Ours is amplifying your voice. The World Series of Screenwriting is dedicated to recognizing and advancing the work of the world's most talented and compelling storytellers in film and television screenwriting. We recognize and award the work of the best new voices in screenwriting from around the world.

The World Series of Screenwriting is thrilled to share your unsurpassed commitment toward getting your talent recognized and your stories heard. A competition for aspiring writers, the World Series of Screenwriting Contest offers a launching pad for your professional screenwriting career.

This year the World Series of Screenwriting will present a total of 40 awards to the top winners, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes in all 13 official competition categories along the contest's most coveted prize, the World Series Champion , which is awarded to the best project from among all competition categories and all entries in the contest.

Also, in partnership with our sponsors, we will actively publicize and promote your winning script to the industry through leading service providers and script resource and publicity companies.

Over $20,000 in prizes and services will be presented to this year’s winning screenwriters and finalists! Generous support from our partners and sponsors also make possible the invaluable opportunity for our top winners to meet with some of the industry’s leading literary agents and producers.

The World Series of Screenwriting screenplay contest is judged entirely by seasoned professionals in the film and television industry, with combined decades of experience reading, judging and developing scripts for talent agencies, studios, management companies, and production companies.

We invite you to step up to the plate and submit your work to compete alongside many of the brightest writers from around the globe.

Multiple Category Entry

Entry in one competition category is included with your entry fee. You may also choose to enter your script into competition in more than one category for an additional fee.

Judge Feedback

You may also request to receive Judge Feedback on your screenplay if you choose. For an optional fee of $80, your project's judge will prepare a thorough, multi-page written assessment of your screenplay's strengths and weaknesses, including insights as to how your screenplay was scored along with detailed commentary and constructive criticisms regarding the judge's overall impressions of your script including specific feedback and advice regarding story, formatting, structure, plot, pacing, character, and marketability.

Submission Methods

We accept entries via FilmFreeway.

Acceptable electronic formats include: .PDF (preferred), Final Draft, Movie Magic Screenwriter, Microsoft Word, Rich Text Format, or Text.

Competition Categories

Feature Film Scripts (70-150 pages)

  • Action / Adventure
  • Comedy
  • Drama
  • Family Film
  • Historical / Biographical
  • Science Fiction
  • Thriller / Horror

Original TV Pilots (20-80 pages)

  • TV Drama Pilot
  • TV Sitcom Pilot

Stage Plays

Short Film Scripts (Under 70 pages)

TV Spec Scripts (20-80 pages)

Treatments / Concepts (1-10 pages)

How to Enter

The World Series of Screenwriting accepts screenplays through the online submission system FilmFreeway. Click on the button below to submit your screenplay through FilmFreeway.

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