2018 Winners

Congratulations to the 2018 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

World Series Champion

Mica written by Ilisa Aaron


Gold Prize Winner -Hands of Thunder written by Carl Gundestrup
Silver Prize Winner -The Last Monsoon written by Franklin Gaskin
Bronze Prize Winner - Wolf's Bane written by Bradley Stryker


Gold Prize Winner - Play The Fool written by Mark Gunnion
Silver Prize Winner -Go Out With Love written by Meredith Nunnikhoven
Bronze Prize Winner - Win-Eyed Monster: The Devil in Randy Dong written by James Hunter


Gold Prize Winner -Behind the Eyes of the Wolf written by Andrew Huggins
Silver Prize Winner -Perfidies written by Bill Baber
Bronze Prize Winner - CONNECT* written by John Pisano-Thomsen

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - Primos written by Scott A. Lopez, Jesus F. Jauregui
Silver Prize Winner - A Thanks Giving Christmas written by Carl Gundestrup
Bronze Prize Winner - Arizona Sunrise written by John Martins III

Fantasy Film

Gold Prize Winner -Joseph written by Ian Davies
Silver Prize Winner - Pericles and Ruth written by John Martins III

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner -The Phoenician written by Larry Thomas
Silver Prize Winner - Colorblind (The Legacy of Alvin Bell) written by Pamela Peak
Bronze Prize Winner - The Apostle written by John Martins III

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner -Inferno: New Orleans written by John E. Bias
Silver Prize Winner - The Drake Equation written by Brian Dobbs
Bronze Prize Winner - UNEARTHLY written by David Dalessandro

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner -Malicious Intent written by Mike Briock
Silver Prize Winner -Blood Relations written by David Boyer
Bronze Prize Winner - Had2Bthere.com written by Scott Simpson

TV Drama Pilot

Gold Prize Winner -VIVA!! written by Renee Rubio
Silver Prize Winner -Hot Springs 1933 written by F. Ray Gaskin
Bronze Prize Winner - Never To Be Found - "Missing" Pilot written by Laurent Boulanger

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner -Open Mike written by Timothy Buck, Barry McKenna
Silver Prize Winner - Candyland.Com written by Joan Barrett

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner -Why is the Dog Howlin’, Momma? Written by Rosalyn Rosen
Silver Prize Winner -The Startup written by Richard Boehmcke
Bronze Prize Winner - A Thorn In The Family Paw written by Garry Michael Kluger

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner -Fortuity written by Kayla Romanowski
Silver Prize Winner - Virtually Fine written by Gil Saint
Bronze Prize Winner - The Deliverer written by Gil Saint

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner -The Middle - The Fancy Party written by Julia Antuerpem
Silver Prize Winner - This Is Us -- 'All That You Measure' written by Matthew J. Schutt
Bronze Prize Winner - Napoleon II written by Ian Burns

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner -Candyland.Com written by Joan Barrett

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