2017 Winners

Congratulations to the 2017 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

World Series Champion

Funland written by Jen Evans


Gold Prize Winner - Runaway Ship written by Theodore Carl Soderberg
Silver Prize Winner - Armor written by Bryant Daluz
Bronze Prize Winner - Apache Echo written by David McCartney


Gold Prize Winner - Microwave Me written by Indianna Bell
Silver Prize Winner - A very white Christmas written by Madeleine Gentinetta
Bronze Prize Winner - Harm for the Holidays written by Jonathan LaPoma


Gold Prize Winner -Margot and Max written by Nia Ashley
Silver Prize Winner - You Gotta Dance 2 written by Michael Daluz
Bronze Prize Winner - What's Left Of Us written by Mariya Somova

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - NAUTI GIRLS (WSOS) written by Linda Toussaint
Silver Prize Winner - The Night Before Christmas written by Tom Smolko & Meisha Johnson
Bronze Prize Winner - Good Again (for World Series) written by Jeanne Dukes

Fantasy Film

Gold Prize Winner - The Between: Rise of the Hunter written by Timothy Swiney
Silver Prize Winner - Epic Rynn written by Matthew Rochester
Bronze Prize Winner - The Wild Wild Witch written by Greg Hill and Walt Griggs

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner - Eighty-Eight Frequencies written by Jeffrey Massie
Silver Prize Winner - Callie Earlene written by Scott Simpson
Bronze Prize Winner - ORWELL'S WAR written by Larry Bogad

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner - The Last Bookstore written by Brooke Purdy and Colette Freedman
Silver Prize Winner - The Best Version of You written by Mark Ward
Bronze Prize Winner - THE 3 ROCKET RACERS written by Phillip Dumas

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner - New Genius written by Rob Reeves
Silver Prize Winner - BLINK written by Lisa N Edwards and Sonita Singh
Bronze Prize Winner - Til Death written by Brock LaBorde

TV Drama Pilot presented by The TV Writers Vault

Gold Prize Winner - End of Life written by Sean Collins-Smith
Silver Prize Winner - Bonti Bay written by Linn Markussen 
Bronze Prize Winner - Lemon Drop written by Stephanie Palacino

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner - Jeff the Cyborg Who Works at the Mall written by Adam Modiano
Silver Prize Winner - Turf written by Jack Gorman
Bronze Prize Winner - Picture's Up written by Andrea (Andi) Behring

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner - Bon Aire written by Susan Hippen
Silver Prize Winner - Enemy of the State - a play written by Simon Bowler
Bronze Prize Winner - The Chrononauts (Play) written by Eduardo Soto-Falcon

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Poo Diligence written by Frances Wilkerson
Silver Prize Winner - Selah Selam written by Michael Vincent Montgomery
Bronze Prize Winner - Mr Novak written by Ian Davies

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Happily Retired - Modern Family Spec Script written by Mario Garza
Silver Prize Winner - f7/f2 written by Ana Ziegler Loes
Bronze Prize Winner - The Librarians and the Prize of Paris written by Scott Simpson

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner - Dank Larfie written by Richard C Haverick
Silver Prize Winner - Poster Girl written by Alex Giannoulis

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