2016 Winners

Congratulations to the 2016 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

World Series Champion

Spares written by Kyle Gregory


Gold Prize Winner -ECNESERP written by Allison Phelan

Silver Prize Winner -Dead Man Murrieta written by Samuel Tejeda

Bronze Prize Winner - Hellbender written by Dan Sullivan


Gold Prize Winner -Round the Bend written by Sagi Barzilay & Yuval Bymel

Silver Prize Winner -Wall Streak written by Gregg Greenberg

Bronze Prize Winner - Man Seeking Monkey written by Steve Mikals


Gold Prize Winner -Lion Killer written by Adam Scheiner

Silver Prize Winner -Martinis & Fireflies written by Harry Russell Holland

Bronze Prize Winner - Seahorse written by Dave Stishan

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner -The Boy Who Talked Through Paper written by Brody Gusar

Silver Prize Winner -Gonies written by Phil Stokes

Bronze Prize Winner - Madame Facades Charles Laulette

Fantasy Film

Gold Prize Winner: Soul Survival written by Matthew Mclaughlin

Silver Prize Winner: Triskel written by Brian K. Palmer

Bronze Prize Winner: The Wonderful written by Demitra Papadinis

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner -American Duel (The Gentlemen Experiment) written by Brian Wolfe

Silver Prize Winner -Infamy written by Anders Nelson

Bronze Prize Winner - Red Harvest written by Legrand McMullen

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner -Cold Image written by Ian Keiser & Shaun Lapacek

Silver Prize Winner - Absolution written by Brian Gerber

Bronze Prize Winner - White Calm written by Sid Bodalia

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner -The Shroud written by Nino Abate

Silver Prize Winner -The Magic of Your Touch written by L.M. Butler

Bronze Prize Winner - Snow Angel written by Christian Scheid

TV Drama Pilot

Gold Prize Winner -The Illest written by Maya De La Rosa-Cohen

Silver Prize Winner - Three & Two written by Eric Gustafsson

Bronze Prize Winner - Burn the Floor written by Chloe Weinberg

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner -House of Brews written by Jordyn Giddens

Silver Prize Winner -Deli Takeout written by Jim Norman

Bronze Prize Winner - Soap Box written by Jessica Shields

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner -Why is this Night Different written by Marvin Kaplan

Silver Prize Winner - In A Yellow Wood written by Garry Kluger

Bronze Prize Winner - Two Merchants of Venice written by Stephen M. Hunt

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner -Leave written by Alysha Haran

Silver Prize Winner -Kookaburra written by Jeffery Morin

Bronze Prize Winner - Cat & Mouse written by Jeremy Storey

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner -In The Wake Of Heroes written by Austin Priester

Silver Prize Winner -Better Call Saul: "Hugo" written by Davina Willett

Bronze Prize Winner - Big Bang Theory Spec written by Matt Crofts

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner -Clairvoyant written by Dana M Olita

Silver Prize Winner -Fractal written by Konstantinos Tsokalis

Bronze Prize Winner - The Witness written by Keith Rubin

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