2015 Winners

Congratulations to the 2015 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

World Series Champion

Holi Cow written by Leyla Hamedi


Gold Prize Winner -Hired Liars written by Chris Feaster

Silver Prize Winner - SkyBurner written by David Baugnon

Bronze Prize Winner - The Wind Riders written by Jeffrey Ryback


Gold Prize Winner - Smuggling Hendrix written by Marios Piperides

Silver Prize Winner - Zombies Don't Run written by Leyla Hamedi

Bronze Prize Winner - Air Guitar Hero written by Nino Abate


Gold Prize Winner - Last Shot written by Isaac Hirotsu Woofter

Silver Prize Winner - The Sugar House Kid written by Chris Langford

Bronze Prize Winner - The Harvest written by Doua Moua

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - Lyla written by Drew Ross

Silver Prize Winner - Desert Rat written by John Tupper

Bronze Prize Winner -LemonMade written by Erik Adolphson

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner - Eighty-Eight Frequencies written by Jeffrey Massie

Silver Prize Winner - Trial by Fire written by Zena Dell Lowe

Bronze Prize Winner - The Pressure Cooker written by Gregory P. Wolk

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner - Dragon Caller written by Joy Gee

Silver Prize Winner -The Sacred Sea written by Jonathan Fear

Bronze Prize Winner -Blood Lust written by Corey Snowden

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner - The Second War written by Eshan Parikh

Silver Prize Winner - Sardis the Merciful written by Christian Thomas

Bronze Prize Winner - Shadow of the Blackbird written by Niall Queenan

TV Drama Pilot presented by The TV Writers Vault

Gold Prize Winner - Kimchi Cowboy written by Tony Cammarata

Silver Prize Winner - Knights of the Shadows written by Austin Priester

Bronze Prize Winner - HI Conflict written by Robert Barclay

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner - Adult written by David Novick

Silver Prize Winner - He's The Man written by Gabrielle LeGendre

Bronze Prize Winner -Foul is Fair written by Bernard Zeiger

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner - Office Hours written by Garry Michael Kluger

Silver Prize Winner - Dances with Dinosaurs written by Bob Canning

Bronze Prize Winner - Christmas Pops written by John Ponton

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Gasolina written by Tannaz Hazemi

Silver Prize Winner - A Good Day's Work written by Jess MacCallum

Bronze Prize Winner - Children written by Tamar Komem

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Family Guy - Heartbreak Kid written by Josh Raymond

Silver Prize Winner - Its Always Sunny episode written by James Rose

Bronze Prize Winner - New Girl 'Schmidt, MD' written by Elizabeth Eccher

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner - Public Access - TV Pitch written by Kevin Hanna

Silver Prize Winner - Queen of the Road written by Laura Valtorta

Bronze Prize Winner - Ultimate Champions written by John McGrath



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