2013 Winners

Congratulations to the 2013 World Series of Screenwriting Winners and Official Finalists.

You may download the official 2013 press release here.

World Series Champion

Nowhere written by Allison Miller


Gold Prize Winner - Hide and Seek written by Michael Zolezzi

Silver Prize Winner - The Promise written by Bob Cusack

Bronze Prize Winner - In Debt Deep written by Andrew Brown


Gold Prize Winner - Kuirky written by Tori Piskin

Silver Prize Winner - Game Crush written by Hamilton Mitchell

Bronze Prize Winner - Charlie Horse written by Lynn Marie Ross


Gold Prize Winner - Nate of America written by Robert Wooldridge

Silver Prize Winner - Winter Of Discontent written by Natalie Hanson

Bronze Prize Winner - Mosquito Bites written by Angela Berliner

Family Film

Gold Prize Winner - In 2 Me U See written by Jeanette Villafane & Kimberly Fernandez

Silver Prize Winner - The Rose Tree written by Angela Berliner

Bronze Prize Winner - Benjamin the Great written by Scott Ruane

Historical / Biographical

Gold Prize Winner - Little Tokyo written by Corey Mitchel

Silver Prize Winner - The Stoker Legacy written by Mike Ward

Bronze Prize Winner - York written by Jake Cashill

Science Fiction

Gold Prize Winner - Cutterjunk written by Julian Hoxter

Silver Prize Winner - Gameplay written by Haley Isleib

Bronze Prize Winner - Crossing the Line written by Lawrence Seliski

Thriller / Horror

Gold Prize Winner - Spawns of Evil written by D.B. Silvis

Silver Prize Winner - Strife written by Ade Adepegba

Bronze Prize Winner - Chromosome 21 written by Maryann Beckman

TV Drama Pilot presented by The TV Writers Vault

Gold Prize Winner - Ballybronnacht written by Lenny Pierce

Silver Prize Winner - The Intrepidors written by Bruce Gadel

Bronze Prize Winner - Eight Years to Life written by David Kob

TV Sitcom Pilot

Gold Prize Winner - Dead Wrong written by Angela Oberer

Silver Prize Winner - The Service: Pilot written by Jane Kim

Bronze Prize Winner - Goode Sports written by Joey Mascio

Stage Plays

Gold Prize Winner - Mom's Gift written by Phil Olson

Silver Prize Winner - Going Solo written by Robert Gately and Drew Keil

Bronze Prize Winner - Polar Bear written by Alexander Norton

Short Film Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - Monkey House written by Jesse Heussner

Silver Prize Winner - Asshole By Choice written by Anil Gonnabathula

Bronze Prize Winner - Lady Lessons written by Snehal Patel

TV Spec Scripts

Gold Prize Winner - New Girl "Checkmate" written by Geoff Heminway

Silver Prize Winner - New Girl "Happy Campers" written by Adi Blotman

Bronze Prize Winner - It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Spec Script written by Dave Migicovsky

Treatments / Concepts

Gold Prize Winner - Lost Cause written by David J. Schroeder

Silver Prize Winner - Lucidus written by Jules East

Bronze Prize Winner - English 101: Treatment written by Maria Jimena Seoane


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