Awards and Prizes

This year the World Series of Screenwriting will present a total of 40 awards to the top winners, including Gold, Silver and Bronze Prizes in all 13 official competition categories along the contest's most coveted prize, the World Series Champion, which is awarded to the best project from among all competition categories and all entries in the contest.

In addition, this year’s winning writers will receive a total of over $20,000 worth of prizes!

Also, in partnership with our sponsors, we will actively publicize and promote your winning script to the industry through leading service providers and script resource and publicity companies.

Award Tiers

  • World Series Champion
  • Gold Prize Winners
  • Silver Prize Winners
  • Bronze Prize Winners
  • Official Finalists

In the Prize Round of competition, the Judges will select this year’s World Series Champion.

The Judges will also select the Gold, Silver, and Bronze Prize Winners in each of our thirteen official competition categories.

Last but not least, we will select up to 10 Official Finalists from each competition category in recognition of standout work that was well received by the judges but did not quote merit one of the top awards.

As part of our promotional services, all winning scripts will be announced to the entertainment media as well as forwarded to our list of industry contacts – including agents, managers, producers and executives.

It’s all designed to advance the careers of talented writers by providing industry visibility and recognition for talented new voices in screenwriting along with their original and compelling stories that well deserve to be told on the screen!

Are you ready to see how your work stacks up against some of the best new screenwriters in the world?

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