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Hello there, I've got a Cannon Engineer in Torchlight 2 and am trying to figure out how to skill. I've slogged my way to level 35 with basically just Heavy Lifting and Coup de Grace and one point in Cannon Blast for killing stuff.

Sep 24, 2012 Torchlight 2 Engineer Builds This guide will provide you with a few Engineer builds. Note that the Stats of the builds are not hard-and-fast, and are meant only to give you an idea of the point. Oct 03, 2012 I have been wondering about how others are building their high level characters, but haven't found many vids yet. I look forward to seeing yours!

A list a list a LIST!!! Torchlight 2 is good fun. Torchlight hardcore is crazy tense awesome fun. We’ve played hardcore since the release (and many of us in the beta back in May got on the Hardcore train) and lordy we have learned some harsh lessons and want to impart them to YOU dear reader (and Matt and Steve who are waiting for the Mac version). By Hardcore, I mean hardcore Elite– so the most damage to your character, the most hit points on monsters and whatever nastiness Runic wanted to throw deep inside the Elite hole. We started with a blind run (well, those of us not in the beta) so we haven’t seen most of the game and every piece of content has had to be EARNED with hardcore deaths (sometimes piles of them). Only one of us has gotten beyond level 20 (sensless) and they died shortly after while heading back and farming ACT 1 (!?). Here’s stuff to help you get to level 20. It’s not easy but with these tips and some conservative play, you may yet survive.

  1. Choose your class carefully for Hardcore. The Berserker has the most exposure to damage and the most risk/reward when he goes berserk, so we’ve found that that class takes the dirt nap more than the others. The Engineer heal bot helps a lot– but a lot LESS than you think early levels. The Embermage and Wastlander are ranged characters, so they get to sit back and shoot stuff from a somewhat safe distance.
  2. Defense > Offense – There’s quite a bit of importance in not dying in hardcore because, well, that’s it. So Defense is a core focus. Vitality should be the number one stat increased. While this is tough to do when you know your damage deal out isn’t very high, it’s much better to have armor and health than to take down those Ratlings a second or two faster. While a good offense usually trumps a good defense, you can worry about doing tons of damage later.
  3. Make sure your elemental armor is up to par. You can likely ignore elemental damage at lower difficulties, but, at Elite, if you have a weak area, say fire, you will get burned to the ground. Make sure you are using your elemental ember specks in your armor sockets whenever you find them. Once the gem orcs unlock, upgrade your gems when you find the larger types. It makes a huge difference.
  4. Remember to RUN AWAY. There are points where your character (or group of characters) cannot possibly survive a fight. For example, I woke up the lightning boss in Skull Hollow and ran directly into the “Chest Trap Valley.” I thought he was far enough away to lose aggro from Mr. Lightning and popped the chest. As the swarm of skellingtons rose out of the ground, I saw him up on the ridge ready to fire lightning down. And he did. Good bye level 5 Wastelander!
  5. Use your rare specks. As soon as I pick up a rare speck, I drop it in a socket. Don’t save these, use them! You will find FAR better gems later in the game.
  6. Shared Stash is your friend. About the only way to “advance” when your hardcore character dies is to make sure choice (and low level) items are in the Shared Stash for your next character. Make sure you fill your stash when going up against bosses or phase beast challenges. This is called “Making your Piece.”
  7. Play as a group! TL2 is fun alone but Hardcore is simply meant to be played as a group. The group dynamic, from being able to have a bunch of heal bots around to going crazy with Embermages increasing elemental damage or freezing enemies so they can be pummeled, just makes the path to level 20 easier. Sometimes due to your lack of elemental armor, you have to sit back in some fights. While in a group, you will still get experience in the same area. This makes it harder on the other characters (with the increases in damage and enemy hitpoints) but can help in a pinch.
  8. Phase Beast Challenges are deadly. Be very careful when entering the portal from a murdalized Phase beast–these are no joke.
  9. Basic monsters to watch out for: Pirate Ghosts with Pistols, Skellington Archers, Chest Ghosts (their first attack is a doozy), Infernal Skellingtons (fast runners with fire damage)
  10. Bosses to Watch for: One Eyed Willy will punch your ticket – I’ve seen many characters bite it in the One Eye Willy quest because they go in overconfident. There is a potential Teleporting Boss Stormbeornennnenen in the beast highlands that is brutal if you don’t have a lot of armor, but the worst is the Wraith Boss in the Bone Dungeon (Modox) that summons ghost bats. He slows you down and then you get swarmed by the bats and put inside the ground right quick. Soloing this guy at low levels is near impossible with a close combat character and even as a group, it’s a tough fight early on. Last but not least, prepare for death the first time you fight General Grell if you are lower than level 17-18.

So that’s the 10. Once you hit the Winter area things get a lot more difficult, especially with elemental damage (obviously ICE armor should be your first priority). Get it up to at least 80 if possible as a ranged character– over 100 for a melee type is really going to make it easier not to be hurt so bad you can’t live.

Looking for tips after level 20? Here you go!

Mighty Mastiff


Torchlight 2 Engineer Build Guide | PC Gamer

El Engineer es un poderoso luchador cuerpo a cuerpo que puede invocar bots que le curen a él y sus compañeros o bien que ataquen a los enemigos. Se le podría considerar el Paladín de Torchlight II.


Habilidades activas

Flame Hammer

-Nivel requerido: 2

Your weapon crushes foes it strikes, creating 4 flaming splinters that seek out enemies within 5 meters. If available, a Charge is consumed to generate two additional blasts.

Seismic Slam

-Nivel requerido: 7

Your mechanically assisted stomp stuns and burns all enemies in a 4 meter radius around you.

Ember Hammer

-Nivel requerido: 14

You deliver a powerfull sidelong swing which channels ember energy into a wide, 270 degree arc, destroying shields. Ember Hammer does not gain Charge.


-Nivel requerido: 21

You leap forward, slamming your melee weapon into the ground. Foes at the point of impact are damaged and slowed significantly. Onslaught gains half of normal Charge.

Ember Reach

-Nivel requerido: 28

A focused surge of energy draws a foe into striking range. You gain a 20% chance to stun for 3 seconds for every Charge you have, but the skill itself neither gains nor expend Charge.

Storm Burst

-Nivel requerido: 35

A blast from your pack rockets you swiftly forward, knocking back foes. 3 bolts of energy discharge from your suit on impact, striking remote enemies. Every enemy hit also recharges your mana by 5%, for up to 5 targets.


-Nivel requerido: 42

A huge overhand smash sends out 8 radiating magma fissures to seek and destroy your enemies.

Habilidades pasivas

Heavy Lifting

Your skill with giant weaponry allows you to attack faster and adds a chance to stun your foes. Junos pulse vpn client for mac.


-Nivel requerido: 7

When you hit foes with a melee weapon, you have a chance to direct excess energy into your weapon and then discharge it during attacks over the next 10 seconds. While supercharged you gain additional Charge.

Coup de Grace

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you hit a stunned target, an electrical surge helps finish the foe off. This ability cannot trigger more than one time per second.


Habilidades activas

Healing Bot

You deploy a small drone that generates energy pulses, healing both you and your allies.

Blast Cannon

-Nivel requerido: 7

You fire a long-range, piercing projectile from your cannon. At higher ranks, the blast leaves foes more susceptible to further fire and physical damage.

Spider Mines

-Nivel requerido: 14

You deploy a trio of spider drones that charge the nearest foes and explode in a 3 meter radius. Upgraded mines do 33% more damage, with a 5 meter radius and a 2 second stun.

Gun Bot

-Nivel requerido: 21

You deploy a small drone that assaults your enemies with a hail of gunfire, firing 5 rounds per second. Each rank increased the bot's damage potential.

Shock Grenade

-Nivel requerido: 28

You lob a grenade, which shocks and stuns enemies in a 4 meter radius. Consumes one Charge for two additional grenades.

Sublime chord handbook. A sublime chord prepares and casts spells just as a sorcerer does, including the ability to replace a known sublime chord spell with a new spell at every even-numbered class level beginning at 4th. Bardic Knowledge: A sublime chord continues to collect the odd bits of lore and knowledge that bards acquire.


-Nivel requerido: 35

You unleash a continuous barrage of long-range, homing rockets from your cannon. Bursts of 2 rockets keep firing as long as the mouse button is held down.


-Nivel requerido: 42

You construct a powerful Sledgebot to pulverize your foes.

Habilidades pasivas


Your expertise with armor lets you get the most out of it, increasing its effectiveness, and reducing any damage that actually gets through.

Fire and Spark

-Nivel requerido: 7

The spark to make things work.. and fire to make things die.

Charge Domination

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you slay an enemy, you have a chance to absorb enough energy to fill your Charge bar. This abiity cannot trigger more often than once every three seconds.


Habilidades activas

Shield Bash

You smash enemies in front of you, stunning them, slowing their attacks and knocking them back. Damage is equal to 5 times your shield's Armor value. Each Charge you currently have provides an additional 10% damage bonus.


-Nivel requerido: 7

Your armor projects Ember energy, creating a forcefield around you, and a half-strength forcefield around allies. Once the forcefield absorbs its maximum damage it dissipates, removing all benefits. Forcefield uses all available Charges to increase damage absorbtion by 50% per Charge.


-Nivel requerido: 14

You overload your armor's circuits to project a nova of Ember energy, electrocuting up to 5 foes in a 6 meter radius around you. Overload uses all available Charges to increase its damage by 50% per Charge.

Dynamo Field

-Nivel requerido: 21

You tap into your armor's energy to project an electrical burst in a 5 meter radius. This electrical surge generates charge for each enemy that is struck, up to five per field.


-Nivel requerido: 28

Discharging the energy from your suit into the earth causes a massive shockwave to expand outward, knocking back and weakening foes within 24 meters. Tremor only does the listed damage when it uses one Charge.

Fire Bash

-Nivel requerido: 35

You channel a potent blast of energy through your shield up to 6 meters away. Damage is derived from your shield's Armor value. Initial physical damage is tripled and the blast range is increased to 9 meters with one Charge.

Immobilization Copter

-Nivel requerido: 42

You deploy an immobilization drone which slows enemies within range of its beam. A maximum of 3 targets may be affected at onece.

Habilidades pasivas

Sword and Board

-Requiere de un escudo y cualquier arma cuerpo a cuerpo.

Your skill with a shield goes beyond 'defense' and straight to 'offense', adding some of your shield's armor value directly to your melee attacks as physical damage.

Aegis of Fate

-Nivel requerido: 7

When foes attack you, your armor has a chance to generate a defensive 'bubble' around you that prevents further damage. The amount of damage this shield can absorb is equal to 200% of your Armor plus 100. While the Aegis is active, you also get 50% Knockback Resistance.

Charge Reconstitution

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you use Charge for skills, you regain some of your Health.

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