Torchlight 2 Cannon Engineer (2022)

I have spend the last 4 days pretty much exclusively playing torchlight II and experimenting with characters, finding out optimal builds, stat combinations and skill usages. My main focus was on the Engineer and Embermage and today, I want to present you my findings on the Engineer Canon Spec so far.

  1. Torchlight 2 Outlander Shotgonne Build Guide by Krummer. I usually play melee characters in every game. And I don’t like pet classes at all. But this time I found.
  2. This time around we're covering the Engineer! The Engineer is a very strong class, especially given the new skills added at PAX. There is a build on every page for you to enjoy. I've been considering doing a part 5 where I discuss each of the mechanics in Torchlight 2 and what I think about them/advise about them.

Torchlight 2 Engineer Summoner Build Guide by Bokuden

Hey guys,
Ever since the game came out, I’ve been looking for a way to be a summoner but also not be squishy or be one shotted like the alchemist from TL1 used to be…Then i came along the forums and saw a post regarding full vitality (cnt find the original sorry) and wanted to test it out on ELITE mode…Low and behold im lvl 81 going through New game plus like its normal mode..Ive died about 15 times usually due to my arrogance…traps that one shot u (elite mode they will)..and using the cacklespit potion coz i was stuck on a rooftop of a building and i just beat vyrax tower and i wanted to pick up my loot ..Anywayz I would def recommend this build and will start myself a HC character when i get the chance..Les get started:

-50% block all the need for spells etc
-lots of hp
-very very durable
-Unexpectedly hits very hard!!!!

See Full List On

-Kinda hard to level in the beginning – i always played this character on elite mode and did not cheat n go to internet to play it on a lesser difficulty lol
-sometimes your summons might get stuck in ledges – but just run far enough and theyll respawn near u or run to u

Stat Allocation
-ALL POINTS ON VITALITY – NOTHING ELSE WHY? – because all your skills will be based on player level as well as gear that adds minion damage or health
-Its good to note that block chance caps at 50% so if anyone wants to do a variance of the build and go to dex or focus or watever its up to you
-I was thinking bout putting some on dex to also get dodge but i was already too high a lvl and i did not want to mess up the build

Skills – So since our main atk will be Spider mines (lvl 14)- i used flame hammer as my main atk until then..i did however recover the point before i added points to other skills..then added it as the last point so i can once again recover later on
-Ember hammer –> 1 point – breaks shields 100% – very useful especially since you can take hits, so just run in break shields and let the mines and minions do the rest
-however – i found that at higher lvls i didnt even bother doing this because 1- monsters hit alot harder, 2- the mines and your minions (especially sledgebot) will break it
so feel free to use any 1 handed weapon with good minion enchantments!!
-Storm Burst –> 1 point or your preference – I actually did not get this skill until about lvl 70 and found that if i had this skill early on..i would not have died more than half the times..very useful except against some elites and bosses and make sure you watch out where ur bursting to because you might get stuck

Torchlight 2 Cannon Engineer (1)

-*Healbot –> 15 points – this is by far the best skill the eng has over all the other characters..just keep putting points into this whenever u can!!!!
-*Spider mines –> 15 points – get this to 5 points early on..and keep it there until ur high enough to get rank 10 due to high mana cost (i think at lvl 46 you can get rank 10)
-This is by far the most underrated skill we have!!!!!!…these scale with ur lvl..and at each lvl gives it a 5% chance increase to spawn a supermine (stuns), and this actually puts a dot on the enemy as well as shock so that ur
next hits, hit alot harder
-Also you can throw these anywhere lol…u dont have to target anything just keep throwing it..and the aoe is awesome..(example – owned the big slime guys on phase portal in new game plus)
-*Gunbot –> 15 points – although its not great the dps is good enough..usually in the earlier lvls wenever i make this guy come out i tank the elite or boss so that he kinda stays still
-*Sledgebot –> 15 points – wow this robot is awesome!!! this guy hits hard (thas what she said)..since in earlier lvls the cd is long and he duration is short..i summon sledgebot and gunbot on intervals..when one goes away summon the other
and vice versa..up to u how u want to play it
-*Bulwark –> 15 points – what more can i say this is great for tanking..up to you how u want to put points into this i usually put points into it whenever i had leftover points

-*Immobilization copter –> 15 points – very underrated as well..this is great against mages..well actually everyone especially at higher lvls because you can kite forever
-*Aegis of fate –> 15 points – This is a must have!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…I dont care what people say about forcefield let me tell you why!!!!!!!!!
1- aegis is set off by chance when you get hit..which you will be because ur a tank..also the damage absorbed is calculated by your armor value which you will have high amount due to full stat on Vit
2- Forcefield will only absorb alot of damage if you have charges –> the skills we are using does not generate you have none = forcefield useless
-***At this point i have around 17 unused skill points and am not sure what skill to use it…I am thinking about tremor but still not sure – let me knw what you guys think

-Blood Zombie – I love this because it scales with players pet has one and i have one also
-Animal handling – increased pet dps and armor
-Armor expertise – increased physical armor
-and right now im using barter to get more gold lol — your choice on what you want..theres a spell for increased block chance if you choose to not put all vitality

Pet spells – these are my choice summons but its completely up to you what you want to do
-Blood Zombie
-Summon Skeleton
-Nether imp
-Silence -this is nice against mages especially with nether imp

*This is the most fun spec for me atleast..since im not dying alot and im killing shit fast ass hell…not like a prismatic bolt mage..but def fast..dont underestimate this build..early on you will need alot of mana pots..but at higher lvls it cuts through elite mode like its casual
*Remember you have to resummon at the start of every map
*Try it out especially if you want a Summoner!!!!!!

Thanks guys let me know if you have any questions


Torchlight 2 Best Engineer Build

Torchlight 2 Cannon Engineer (2)

El Engineer es un poderoso luchador cuerpo a cuerpo que puede invocar bots que le curen a él y sus compañeros o bien que ataquen a los enemigos. Se le podría considerar el Paladín de Torchlight II.


Habilidades activas

Flame Hammer

-Nivel requerido: 2

Your weapon crushes foes it strikes, creating 4 flaming splinters that seek out enemies within 5 meters. If available, a Charge is consumed to generate two additional blasts.

Seismic Slam

-Nivel requerido: 7

Your mechanically assisted stomp stuns and burns all enemies in a 4 meter radius around you.

Ember Hammer

-Nivel requerido: 14

You deliver a powerfull sidelong swing which channels ember energy into a wide, 270 degree arc, destroying shields. Ember Hammer does not gain Charge.


-Nivel requerido: 21

You leap forward, slamming your melee weapon into the ground. Foes at the point of impact are damaged and slowed significantly. Onslaught gains half of normal Charge.

Ember Reach

-Nivel requerido: 28

A focused surge of energy draws a foe into striking range. You gain a 20% chance to stun for 3 seconds for every Charge you have, but the skill itself neither gains nor expend Charge.

Storm Burst

-Nivel requerido: 35

A blast from your pack rockets you swiftly forward, knocking back foes. 3 bolts of energy discharge from your suit on impact, striking remote enemies. Every enemy hit also recharges your mana by 5%, for up to 5 targets.


-Nivel requerido: 42

A huge overhand smash sends out 8 radiating magma fissures to seek and destroy your enemies.

Habilidades pasivas

Heavy Lifting

Your skill with giant weaponry allows you to attack faster and adds a chance to stun your foes.


-Nivel requerido: 7

When you hit foes with a melee weapon, you have a chance to direct excess energy into your weapon and then discharge it during attacks over the next 10 seconds. While supercharged you gain additional Charge.

Coup de Grace

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you hit a stunned target, an electrical surge helps finish the foe off. This ability cannot trigger more than one time per second.


Habilidades activas

Healing Bot

You deploy a small drone that generates energy pulses, healing both you and your allies.

Blast Cannon

-Nivel requerido: 7

You fire a long-range, piercing projectile from your cannon. At higher ranks, the blast leaves foes more susceptible to further fire and physical damage.

Spider Mines

-Nivel requerido: 14

You deploy a trio of spider drones that charge the nearest foes and explode in a 3 meter radius. Upgraded mines do 33% more damage, with a 5 meter radius and a 2 second stun.

Gun Bot

-Nivel requerido: 21

You deploy a small drone that assaults your enemies with a hail of gunfire, firing 5 rounds per second. Each rank increased the bot's damage potential.

Shock Grenade

-Nivel requerido: 28

You lob a grenade, which shocks and stuns enemies in a 4 meter radius. Consumes one Charge for two additional grenades.


-Nivel requerido: 35

You unleash a continuous barrage of long-range, homing rockets from your cannon. Bursts of 2 rockets keep firing as long as the mouse button is held down.


-Nivel requerido: 42

You construct a powerful Sledgebot to pulverize your foes.

Habilidades pasivas


Your expertise with armor lets you get the most out of it, increasing its effectiveness, and reducing any damage that actually gets through.

Fire and Spark

-Nivel requerido: 7

The spark to make things work... and fire to make things die.

Charge Domination

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you slay an enemy, you have a chance to absorb enough energy to fill your Charge bar. This abiity cannot trigger more often than once every three seconds.


Habilidades activas

Shield Bash

You smash enemies in front of you, stunning them, slowing their attacks and knocking them back. Damage is equal to 5 times your shield's Armor value. Each Charge you currently have provides an additional 10% damage bonus.


-Nivel requerido: 7

Your armor projects Ember energy, creating a forcefield around you, and a half-strength forcefield around allies. Once the forcefield absorbs its maximum damage it dissipates, removing all benefits. Forcefield uses all available Charges to increase damage absorbtion by 50% per Charge.


-Nivel requerido: 14

You overload your armor's circuits to project a nova of Ember energy, electrocuting up to 5 foes in a 6 meter radius around you. Overload uses all available Charges to increase its damage by 50% per Charge.

Dynamo Field

-Nivel requerido: 21

You tap into your armor's energy to project an electrical burst in a 5 meter radius. This electrical surge generates charge for each enemy that is struck, up to five per field.


-Nivel requerido: 28

Discharging the energy from your suit into the earth causes a massive shockwave to expand outward, knocking back and weakening foes within 24 meters. Tremor only does the listed damage when it uses one Charge.

Fire Bash

-Nivel requerido: 35

You channel a potent blast of energy through your shield up to 6 meters away. Damage is derived from your shield's Armor value. Initial physical damage is tripled and the blast range is increased to 9 meters with one Charge.

Immobilization Copter

-Nivel requerido: 42

You deploy an immobilization drone which slows enemies within range of its beam. A maximum of 3 targets may be affected at onece.

Habilidades pasivas

Sword and Board

-Requiere de un escudo y cualquier arma cuerpo a cuerpo.

Your skill with a shield goes beyond 'defense' and straight to 'offense', adding some of your shield's armor value directly to your melee attacks as physical damage.

Aegis of Fate

-Nivel requerido: 7

When foes attack you, your armor has a chance to generate a defensive 'bubble' around you that prevents further damage. The amount of damage this shield can absorb is equal to 200% of your Armor plus 100. While the Aegis is active, you also get 50% Knockback Resistance.

Charge Reconstitution

-Nivel requerido: 14

When you use Charge for skills, you regain some of your Health.

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