The Role of Mechanical Engineer In Construction Industry? (2022)

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Mechanical engineering is the discipline that involves engineering, physics, engineering mathematics, and materials science principles to design, analyze, manufacture, and maintain mechanical systems. It is one of the oldest and broadest of the engineering disciplines. We have listed down some importance of the mechanical engineering discipline in the construction industry. Read about the role of mechanical engineer in the construction industry.

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In the construction industry, various mechanical engineering jobs are always there to carry out by a qualified mechanical engineer. Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, establishing, and maintaining all kinds of mechanical machinery, tools, and components.

Construction is just one area mechanical engineer could work in, others include the power, medical, process industry, or manufacturing industries. One should need a degree or diploma in mechanical engineering to get mechanical engineering jobs in construction or any other industry domain.

In the construction industry various mechanical engineering jobs for fresher in there, all the construction, infrastructure, real estate, projects, and oil & gas companies hire mechanical engineers for several profiles.

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The need for mechanical engineering jobs in the construction field is always incremental as for various construction activates the role of a mechanical engineer in a construction company is very much essentials to carry out all the mechanical related activities.

MEP Engineering-Mechanical Electrical Plumbing In Construction Projects

Various mechanical engineering government jobs are also there. The government department recruits them through competitive exams. Mechanical engineering civil jobs in demand for mechanical engineer in the construction industry. Various government departments like the public works department, Defense, Civil aviation, railways, and other government departments always have the number of openings for mechanical engineering jobs.

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Mechanical Jobs Profile In The Construction Industry

  • Mechanical Engineer Construction Equipment Maintenance Jobs
  • Mechanical Engineer Maintenance Plant Machinery Projects Road
  • Rolling Stock Mechanical Engineer
  • ProjectMechanicalEngineer
  • Mechanical-Engineer– Water Package – Infrastructure
  • QA Managers /Engineers-Mechanical
  • SeniorEngineer(Mech)
  • ProjectEngineer
  • ConstructionEngineer-Mechanical/Piping
  • Fabrication Managers/Engineers
  • MechanicalDesignEngineer
  • Piping ProjectEngineer
  • ServiceEngineers/ Managers
  • MechanicalInspectionEngineer
  • PipingEngineer
  • LeadMechanicalEngineer
  • SalesEngineers/ Managers (Mechanical)
  • Senior MEP Manager
  • DesignEngineer(Mechanical)
  • Sr Manager / Manager / Asst Manager / Engineer – Mechanical
  • ASSISTANT MANAGER – EHS and many more…

Effective Job Search Strategies for Engineers

What Is the Role of A Mechanical Engineer In Construction Company?

We have listed down the essential characteristics, roles, and responsibilities carried out by a mechanical engineer in the Construction, Real Estate, Infrastructure, and Project industry. Find here the best career options for mechanical engineers in the construction industry. Mechanical Engineer in the construction sector, Mechanical Engineer in the real estate sector Mechanical engineer in Building constructions.

The role and responsibilities of a mechanical engineer typically include:

  • Mechanical engineers are responsible for the implementations and monitoring of all mechanical related operations at the site as per approved drawings and methods and safety rules.
  • Mechanical engineers design the mechanical components of a building, the air and plumbing systems within a building
  • A mechanical contractor performs its installation in accordance with the plans and specifications the mechanical engineer designed.
  • The mechanical engineer must answer questions that arise during install, review documents submitted by the mechanical contractor to ensure that the materials that will be installed are correct.
  • Attend meetings related to the construction project, and go on job site walks to ensure the project is being built properly.
  • To ensure the equipment is erected, pre-commissioned, tested (if required), and commissioned in accordance with agreed contracts. Coordination with equipment suppliers is an important task during construction.
  • The site mechanical engineer is responsible for the records of the tasks, which will be the basis for troubleshooting later and may also impact the warranty claims.
  • Mechanical engineers are also employed as planners, material control engineers, quality engineers, etc.
  • A mechanical site engineer supervises all installations of machines and equipment at site thereby ensuring fulfillment of industry standards and requirements.
  • He is also supposed to review the works produced by the design engineers and maintains necessary coordination with other discipline engineers for the smooth flow of projects.
  • He will also review the progress meeting and will inspect the machine components or other machinery.
  • Incoming Inspection – checking the dimensions of the incoming material (rather of the sample) to ensure that the material’s dimensions are within the permissible limits.
  • Air Conditioning – installing/planning the air conditioning systems of buildings (sans the electronics part) is the job of mechanical engineers.
  • Up-keep and maintenance of various machines used at the site.
  • Ensuring proper erection and alignment of pumps and turbines.
  • Execution and proper installation of their respective piping connection and quality analysis of joints. Making reports of everything and interact with clients. There are many other things that mechanical engineers do in the construction of power plant and thermal projects.
  • And besides these mechanical engineers also play a role in many building’s/airport’s structure and there piping.
  • Estimates prepare and assign resources such as manpower, materials, consumables, equipment, tools, etc., required for all Mechanical and related works prior to execution. Plans and analyses all possible construction methodologies and recommends the best options to the MEP Manager for approval prior to execution at site.
  • Interprets construction drawings and studies the contract documents and applicable standards or specifications prior to the execution of any jobs.
  • Manages directly and provide engineering and technical support to all the Mechanical workgroups at the site.
  • Plans the execution of all Mechanical related works and coordinates the works to Electrical and civil groups.
  • Assign targets for accomplishments and ensure targets are met on a daily basis for all Mechanical groups at a site.
  • Submits site daily reports, inspection requests, estimates, and all applicable monitoring reports on a regular basis or as required.
  • Supports the MEP Manager in accomplishing all the goals and targets for the Mechanical and electrical groups at the site.
  • Ensures that all the works have done are in accordance with the approved construction drawings, contract documents, project specifications, and all applicable standards whether local, national or international standards.
  • They also have the responsibility to organize important civil engineering surveys and GPS surveys.
  • Ensures that all site works are done according to all applicable quality standards.
  • Directly responsible for the safety of all Mechanical groups’ personnel of the project by ensuring that the project execution will be done according to all applicable health, safety, sanitary and environmental standards.
  • Carrying out all Mechanical Works and equipment installation activities.
  • Attends regular meetings with a client, civil engineers, and consultant to provide an update on project progress.
  • Pre-resolve any unexpected technical difficulties and other problems at the site that may arise at any time.
  • To collaborate with the cost control and planning department in preparing the daily progress reports. Able to lead site personnel to execute and completeness of job on time at the site.
  • The mechanical engineer also performs other administrative-related duties as may be required by the MEP Manager.

MEP Engineer Roles and Responsibilities Within Construction Company

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What is the role of mechanical engineer in industry? ›

Mechanical engineers produce specifications for, design, develop, manufacture and install new or modified mechanical components or systems. Mechanical engineers need to be technically minded, able to demonstrate numerical and scientific ability and have problem-solving skills.

What is the role of the engineer in a construction project? ›

They manage parts of a construction project (also known as packages), providing technical advice, supervising staff on site and ensuring that their packages are completed on time and within budget.

What are 5 duties of a mechanical engineer? ›

What is the role of mechanical engineer in industry and society? ›

Mechanical engineers design, develop, build, and test. They deal with anything that moves, from components to machines to the human body.

What is the work of mechanical engineer in construction company? ›

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, establishing, and maintaining all kinds of mechanical machinery, tools, and components. Construction is just one area mechanical engineer could work in, others include the power, medical, process industry, or manufacturing industries.

What is mechanical work in construction? ›

Mechanical construction means the installation, replacement, or repair of plumbing, heating, air conditioning, process piping, refrigeration, lightning protection equipment, or electrical components, fixtures, or devices of any kind, excluding burglar alarm work.

What are the duties and responsibilities of engineer? ›

Engineer duties and responsibilities
  • Making plans using detailed drawings.
  • Preparing estimates and budgets.
  • Creating accurate project specifications.
  • Designing engineering experiments.
  • Creating technical reports for customers.
  • Completing regulatory documents concerning safety issues.
28 Jul 2022

What is engineering in building construction? ›

Construction Engineering Definition

A construction engineer can be defined as a civil engineer who is tasked with the oversight and management of a large-scale, complex construction project. Typically, these projects involve both buildings and the infrastructure that supports them.

What is the role of a contractor in construction? ›

Ÿ The Contractor shall erect and properly maintain at all times, as required by the conditions and progress of the work, such as barriers, shoring, supports, braces, lights, danger signs and necessary safeguards, as will protect workmen and the public and as will effectively prevent any injury to persons and damage to ...

What are mechanical skills? ›

1. The definition of mechanical is something that relates to the skill or use of machinery or tools. An example of mechanical is a mechanical skill, when someone is able to fix machines. adjective. (now rare) Characteristic of someone who does manual labour for a living; coarse, vulgar.

What makes a good mechanical engineer? ›

The best mechanical engineers truly enjoy complex problem solving. They are innovators at heart. If you choose engineering as a career, you will turn ideas into reality and solve problems that better society. You will be right on the cutting edge of technology.

What skills do mechanical engineers need? ›

Top Skills Needed to be a Mechanical Engineer
  • Problem Solving. A portion of every mechanical engineer's day involves solving client problems. ...
  • Creativity. Mechanical engineers often develop and design products. ...
  • Clear communication abilities. ...
  • Collaboration. ...
  • Mathematics. ...
  • Find a Job as a Mechanical Engineer.

What industries do mechanical engineers work in? ›

Industry profile for Mechanical Engineers:
IndustryEmployment (1)
Engine, Turbine, and Power Transmission Equipment Manufacturing4,800
Machinery Manufacturing (3331, 3332, 3334, and 3339 only)27,960
Architectural, Engineering, and Related Services59,940
Railroad Rolling Stock Manufacturing740
1 more row

What is the role of mechanical engineers in designing an industrial plant? ›

Mechanical Engineers are responsible for designing, building, installing and maintaining all kinds of mechanical machinery, tool and components. Construction is just one area you could work in as a Mechanical Engineer – others include the power, medical or manufacturing industries.

What is the responsibility of mechanical engineers in the field of power generation? ›

Mechanical engineers in the energy industry design and operate fossil fuel, hydroelectric, conventional, nuclear, and cogeneration power plants. They are involved in all aspects of the production and conversion of energy from one form to another.

What are the 3 mechanical systems? ›

Mechanical systems means HVAC, refrigeration, and hydronic systems.

Who is a mechanical engineer? ›

Mechanical engineers design power-producing machines, such as electric generators, internal combustion engines, and steam and gas turbines, as well as power-using machines, such as refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. Mechanical engineers design other machines inside buildings, such as elevators and escalators.

Can mechanical engineers design buildings? ›

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, and servicing various types of building systems. Depending on the project, these may include: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems.

What industries do mechanical engineers work in? ›

Mechanical engineers work mostly in engineering services, research and development, and manufacturing.

What is the role of mechanical engineers in designing an industrial plant? ›

Mechanical Engineers are responsible for designing, building, installing and maintaining all kinds of mechanical machinery, tool and components. Construction is just one area you could work in as a Mechanical Engineer – others include the power, medical or manufacturing industries.

What are the 4 branches of mechanical engineering? ›

Manufacturing. Mechanical Design. System Dynamics and Control. Transportation Systems.

Which job is best for mechanical engineer? ›

Here are the six best-paying jobs in mechanical engineering:
  • Automation engineer.
  • Research and development engineer.
  • Senior mechanical engineer.
  • Senior design engineer.
  • Powertrain engineer.
  • Instrumentation engineer.

What are the benefits of mechanical engineering? ›

Mechanical engineers design and build solutions to a range of problems, improving efficiency across a wide range of industries. By studying mechanical engineering, you can look forward to good job prospects, high salaries, and varied work.

How can I be a good mechanical engineer? ›

Good mechanical engineers are innovators at heart, and truly enjoy complex problem solving. They have excellent communication skills (both oral and written) and enjoy working with others as team players. They are excited to be on the cutting edge of technology, learning how to make things work more efficiently.

Where are mechanical engineers needed most? ›

Geographic profile for Mechanical Engineers:
StateEmployment (1)Employment per thousand jobs
1 more row

Do mechanical engineers design buildings? ›

Mechanical engineers are responsible for designing, building, and servicing various types of building systems. Depending on the project, these may include: Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. HVAC shafts and ducts.

What is mechanical engineering in simple words? ›

One of the most diverse and versatile engineering fields, mechanical engineering is the study of objects and systems in motion. As such, the field of mechanical engineering touches virtually every aspect of modern life, including the human body, a highly complex machine.

How many types of mechanical are there? ›

However, the most common specializations of mechanical engineering include manufacturing, transportation systems, combustion, nanotechnology and robotics. Mechatronics engineering may also be of interest; this combines mechanical and electronic engineering with areas such as computer and control engineering.

What is the job title of a mechanical engineer? ›

Some entry-level mechanical engineering jobs include: mechanical design engineer, test engineer, automation engineer, sales engineer, and product quality engineer.

How happy are mechanical engineers? ›

As it turns out, mechanical engineers rate their career happiness 3.0 out of 5 stars which puts them in the bottom 33% of careers.

What is future of mechanical engineering? ›

Mechanical engineering is undergoing some radical shifts as a profession as robotics, virtual reality (VR), artificial intelligence (AI) and big data transform the way that engineers design and develop projects. In the past, designing new tools and systems often required multiple prototypes and test runs.


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