TCS BPS Fresher Hiring: Registrations Open for Campus Recruitment (2022)

Q. Which year of passing (YOP) is being considered for TCS BPS Hiring?

A. Full-time Arts, Commerce & Science graduates from B.Com, BA, BAF, BBI, BBA, BBM, BMS, BSc-IT/CS/General, BCA, BCS, BPharm/MPharmwill be considered from year-of-passing 2021 and 2022 from any recognized university/college (Part-time/Correspondence courses will not be considered)

Q. When is the TCS BPS Hiring test scheduled?

A. The TCS BPS Hiring test dates will be communicated to you on your registered email ID

Q. Do I need to create my profile under 'IT' or 'BPS' for TCS BPS Hiring?

A. You are requested to create your profile under 'BPS' to be eligible for TCS BPS Hiring

Q. What are the Offerings & Opportunities?

A. TCS offers a wide array of careers. With growing domains and units, young talent will learn to maneuver their way up the corporate ladder while exploring digital technologies and agile methodologies

- Cognitive Business Operations (CBO): Providing a competitive edge and enabling customers to achieve their business objectives, CBO is reimagining business operations, leveraging Digital including Cognitive, Automation, IoT, Cloud and adopting Agile practices.

- BFSI: One of the major players in the Banking & Financial Services and Insurance space, TCS offers best in the industry opportunities to boost young careers

- Life Sciences: Offering a broad spectrum of roles to suit every potential, Life Sciences is one of the booming domains with fast-growth opportunities and exciting careers

Q.What will be my role in TCS BPS?

A. You will be working with TCS' global clients of different domains like:

1. Banking & Insurance

2. Travel, Tourism and Hospitality

3. Pre-Sales

4. Life Sciences and Healthcare

5. Media and Information Sciences

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6. Telecom

Q. Is this a full-time or part-time job?

A. The career opportunities presented are full-time jobs

Q. What will be my work timings (Shift Timings)?

A. TCS is a global organization catering to businesses from across the world and our customers function in a 24x7 environment. Candidates should be comfortable working in rotational shifts. Your shift timings will depend on the process you get allocated to. You will be informed of the same during your interview process

Q. What will be my work location?

A. Your joining location will be discussed with you during the interview process, and your location preference will be taken into consideration. However, the final location assigned would be at the sole discretion of TCS depending on business needs

Q. Can I choose my domain or function I would like to work in?

A. Your selection and allocation will depend on your skills and the present requirements. You can however share your preference and we will try to take it into consideration

Q. How do I gain experience across domains while working at TCS?

A. TCS ensures job enrichment with a 2-year job rotation either through inter-function mobility, work across multiple domains or movement across locations (depending on availability of the project)

Q. Does TCS provide accommodation to selected candidates?

A. At present, TCS does not provide any accommodation to candidates

Q. In case of relocation, who will incur the travelling expenses?

A. During relocation, travelling expenses will have to be incurred by the candidate

Q. Does TCS provide transport facility?

A. Yes. During the day, you can avail the centralized pick and drop facility. Candidates working in night shifts will be provided home pick-up and drop

Q. Will I get fixed weekend offs? (Saturday & Sunday)

A. Weekly offs differ from process to process. You will be informed of the same as per the process you have been selected for

Q. What is the Health Insurance coverage provided for TCS associates?

A. TCS provides one of the best health care coverage in the country. Associates on TCS payroll are eligible for the following:

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- Domiciliary (Per member): Rs. 6000

- Higher Hospitalization (Family): Rs. 12 Lakhs (minimum)

Apart from the above-mentioned coverage, associates are also entitled to the following benefits:

- Personal Accident Insurance

- Critical Illness - Leave Without Pay Benefit Covered

- Hospitalization Cash Benefit

- Trauma Care Support and more

Q. Apart from medical, what additional benefits does TCS offer?

A. TCS offers its associates the facilities of Holiday Homes, state-of-the-art gyms at TCS locations, In-house doctors and basic medical services, Off-sites, In-door recreational activities, Sports and Festival Celebrations (TCS Olympiad, etc.), Associate Clubs, Family Day, Fit4Life (an initiative that contributes to the welfare of society for every fitness activity an associate undertakes, Purpose4Life (an initiative that provides associates an opportunity to help the society), Maitree (TCS' CSR initiative) and much more

Q. When will I be informed of my joining date?

A. On successfully clearing the TCS interview process, you will be informed of your joining date by mail or call

Q. My NextStep account is locked. How can I unlock it?

A. Request you to directly log on to
Click the'Unlock Account & Reset Password'link on the Login screen. You will receive an auto-generated email for resetting the password after 30 minutes. Please do not click on the link repeatedly as every time you click on the link, the previous password expires, and a new password is generated and sent to your registered email address.

Request you to use a Desktop/Laptop. Please clear the cache, history and cookies and use the latest version of Internet Explorer/Google Chrome

Q. Is creating a TCS (CT/DT) Reference ID mandatory to apply for TCS BPS Hiring?

A. Yes, it is mandatory. Registration on TCS NextStep portal ( and creation of Reference ID is essential for your candidature to be eligible for TCS BPS Hiring. Once CT/DT ID is generated, please keep it handy, as it will be required when mentioning the same on the TCS Careers Website

Q. I am getting an error while updating my XII (12th) standard details in the application form. What should I do?

A. Please note that you need to only enter your XII (12th) duration, i.e., a minimum 8 months up to maximum 16 months in your XII (12th) standard course duration details

Q. Am I supposed to mention CGPA or Percentage? What should I do?

A. The application form has the provision indicating both, CGPA or percentage. Kindly mention what is reflecting in your marksheets / degree certificate

Q. When will my candidature be considered for the TCS BPS Hiring Drive?

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A. Your candidature for TCS BPS Hiring will be considered only after completing the below mentioned steps:

- Successful Registration in under BPS section and create your DT number (Reference ID – DT2021XXXXXXX)

- Relogin with your DT number & Password on Next Step Portal, fill & submit your application form. It is mandatory for your application status to reflect as ‘Application Received’.

- Post your submission of application form, a detailed eligible mailer will be sent to your registered Email ID.

Q. What If I already have a CT or a DT reference number? Do I need to register again?

A. No, you don't need to register again. Please ensure you fill the Application Form & your application status is reflecting as ‘Application Received’.

Q. I have forgotten my CT / DT Reference ID, where do I get it?

A. You would have got a mail upon successful registration in The Reference ID would be mentioned in the same.

For further queries, you can write

Q. Can I make changes to my profile as I have made some mistakes in my profile?

A. Limited changes can be done once the profile is in Application Received status. Hence, we request you to complete the application form carefully

Q. Can I change my photo in the application form?

A. Yes, you can change your photograph before you 'Submit the Application Form'. Request you to carefully follow the instructions while uploading the photograph. Once you submit your application form, you will not be able to make any changes.

Q. I have incorrectly created my profile under IT. What should I do?

A. If you have wrongly created your profile under IT, you will need to create your profile once again under BPS using your alternate email id.You can write to helpdesk to delete your ID registered under IT.

Q. I already have my CT/DT number. I need to update my marks/CGPA in my application form. How can I do so?

A. You can update the details by clicking 'Edit Application Form' in NextStep and editing the required details.

Q. I have created 2 profiles. What should I do now?

A. Only 1 profile can be created per candidate. If the existence of a duplicate profile is found, it could lead to disqualification of a candidate. If you have created a duplicate profile for any reason, you will need to write with the details of the duplicate profile to be deleted

Q. I am unable to download my Application Form from the NextStep Portal. What should I do?

A. Please upload your photo and CV once again as per the format prescribed and then preview your Application Form. This would also allow you to download your Application Form

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Q. Will Interviews also be conducted on the day as the TCS BPS Test?

A. No, interviews will not be conducted on the day of the TCS BPS Test. If you clear the TCS BPS Hiring Test, details of the Interview schedule will be sent to you on your registered e-mail ID

Q. What will be the mode of Test?

A. The Test would be conducted either in an online proctored mode, offline mode or at an iON center.TCS reserves the right to select the mode of test for the candidate.

Q. How will I know about my test schedule/test related information?

A. Information related to test will be communicated by TCS iON

Q. How will I get the results of the test?

A. As part of the hiring process, only shortlisted students will receive further communication on their registered e-mail IDs

Q. What do I need to carry with me for the Test?

A. Once your hall ticket is generated, it will be sent via an e-mail on your registered e-mail ID. The hall ticket will outline all documents that need to be carried for the TCS BPS Hiring Test

Q. What time and place do I need to report for the In-Centre Test?

A. Please refer to the hall ticket for the reporting time and place for the TCS BPS Hiring test

Q. Do I have to incur any cost to appear for the TCS BPS Hiring Test?

A. TCS does not charge any fees at any stage of recruitment process. TCS is not affiliated with any agent/agency/company to advertise about TCS Hiring, conduct any employment interviews or make offers of employment on its behalf

Q. Whom do I contact for any assistance?

A. E-mail ID –
Help Line No –022-67784065Toll-free

Important points:

Kindly note that we have a stringent eligibility criterion and a robust selection process at every level of our recruitment process our focus is to ensure quality hiring

We assure you that the TCS Selection process conducted for the TCS BPS Hiring Drive is in line with our recruitment guidelines and policies. Beware of fraudsters and fraudulent job offers

Please note:

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  • TCS will not send job offers / any hiring related communication from unofficial internet email services like Gmail, Rediffmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail etc.
  • TCS will not ask you to deposit any money for giving job offers to Experienced Professionals or Fresh Graduate Trainees
  • TCS will not appoint any agent / agency / company to advertise about TCS BPS Hiring or conduct any employment interviews or make offers of employment / benefits on its behalf.


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