Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (2022)

The Railgunner is one of Risk of Rain 2's new characters added in the Survivors of the Void DLC. She excels in eliminating enemies quickly with her high-damage sniper shots and wiping out hordes of weak foes with her piercing special attacks. When built correctly, the Railgunner can clear a screen of enemies in a few well-placed shots. Even the fearsome Elder Lemurian falls quickly under an accurate Railgunner!

The Railgunner has several abilities that fundamentally change how she plays, but her core items for the best build remain the same for the most part. Players playing with the Artifact of Command will be able to make the perfect Railgunner build via choosing their items. For those playing without, this guide serves as a baseline to focus on when picking up random items in the world. Risk of Rain 2 has a ton of items, but these are the best for the ideal Railgunner build!

Avoid Backup Magazines

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (1)

Most characters in Risk of Rain 2 benefit greatly from Backup Magazines. Normally, having an extra stack of a secondary ability raises the DPS or crowd control of a character but with the Railgunner, Backup Magazines aren't as good. This is because her secondary ability is to use her sniper scope, i.e. she aims down her sights.

Well, when using her default beginning sniper scope (M99 Sniper) she will have to reload after each shot. The Backup Magazine will allow extra shots before a reload, though they will be rather slow. When using the Marksman variant however, Backup Magazines do nothing! This is because the Marksman variant doesn't have a reload, and thus the Railgunner can just keep firing whilst scoped in.

Stock Up On Movement Items

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (2)
(Video) Railgunner One Shot Build | Risk of Rain 2

Movement speed and mobility become huge factors when more and more enemies begin to spawn per level. The Railgunner is a sluggish class overall thanks to her distinct lack of reliable mobility. Her Concussion Device can act as a quick escape from combat, but it is hard to master the direction and velocity of jumping with it. It also doesn't negate fall damage, so a strong Concussion Device jump can actually damage the Railgunner more than it helps her. As a result, it's a good idea to pickup basic movement speed items. These include:

  • Energy Drink
  • Paul's Goat Hoof
  • Wax Quail
  • Hunter's Harpoon
  • Red Whip

Having a mix of these items will greatly increase the Railgunner's mobility and allow her to be a much more effective combatant. The only way she can deal continuous effective damage is when she's scoped in using her abilities, and that isn't going to be a great option when she's swarmed.

Buff The Reload Skill

For players just starting out on the Railgunner, a slower active reload might be a good thing. It allows them to learn the basic timing and how to use it in active combat. After learning the pacing of the reload though, it's good to buff it! The active reload can be made faster with items like Soldier's Syringe and Predatory Instincts and this greatly boosts the Railgunner's already great DPS.

Speeding up the active reload makes the skill check a little harder to hit, but it makes reloading a lot faster. This leads to more damage output which can be great for dealing with particularly tanky foes. Just remember the new timing!

Avoid The Hooks Of Heresy & Essence Of Heresy

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (4)
(Video) Railgunner Annihilator (1M Damage) Challenge Guide: Risk of Rain 2 Survivors Of The Void

As many players know, Lunar items are already a bit of a gamble in Risk of Rain 2. They often have strong upsides with equally disadvantageous downsides. This makes using them fun for meme builds but certainly not optimal for a regular playthrough. Some of the worst Lunar items in the game for the Railgunner are the Hooks and Essence of Heresy.

The Hooks of Heresy replace the character's secondary ability. In the Railgunner's case, this replaces her aim down sight skill, whether it be the Marksman variant or the Sniper variant. Removing this ability removes her ability to critically hit foes, which is the core of her entire character. The Essence of Heresy replaces the special ability, removing Railgunner's devastating Supercharge or Cryocharge attack. These are both very detrimental to building a good Railgunner for a long run, so be wary of these items!

Grab A Few Armor-Piercing Rounds

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (5)

Normally, the Railgunner is best suited for dealing with hordes of foes and elite enemies on screen. Her weakspot attacks can chunk through even the toughest elites, clearing the way for other party members to deal with the boss. If someone is playing solo though, it's definitely worthwhile to grab Armor-Piercing Rounds. This common item increases damage dealt to bosses.

The Railgunner already does massive damage, but a few Armor-Piercing Rounds can go a long way during the later stages when a solo Railgunner might be switching focus between mobs and the boss. Armor-Piercing Rounds aren't the primary common item players should be building, especially if they're playing with a group. In long runs though, they can certainly help bring the increasingly tanky bosses down. Just remember that the Railgunner's bread and butter is clearing out tons of enemies on screen!

(Video) Railgunner Character Guide (Risk of Rain 2 Void DLC)

Get The Royal Capacitor

The Royal Capacitor is one of the best equipment items in the entire game. It works well with nearly every class in the game and is a safe fallback for players who are unsure what to use in their equipment slot. This equipment is even better on the Railgunner than on other classes. This is primarily because she can use it while scoped into her rifle.

This item can be especially useful when using the Cryocharger ability. After freezing a strong foe, the player can get off a sniper shot, then quickly use the Royal Capacitor to finish the job. This combo of attacks can quickly bring down even the strongest enemy thanks to the Cryocharger lowering the damage threshold needed to kill a foe and the Royal Capacitor's quick use time.

Build Damage Focused Uncommon Items

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (7)

There are tons of uncommon items in Risk of Rain 2. Uncommon items are marked by their green glow and act as some of the best items in the game for damage focused Railgunner builds. Many of these items are good for high damage builds, like Artificer builds. The following items are a must for the best Railgunner builds:

(Video) ULTIMATE RAILGUNNER GUIDE | Risk of Rain 2: Survivors of the Void DLC

  • Runald's Band
  • Kjaro's Band
  • Will-O-Wisp
  • Predatory Instincts
  • Ukulele
  • Old Guillotine
  • Harvester's Scythe

These items are all important to getting the best Railgunner build thanks to their damage related values. Each element band will trigger with nearly every weakspot snipe attack, the Will-O-Wisp will proc and easily destroy crowds of foes along the Ukulele, and Predatory Instincts will give the Railgunner much needed mobility. Perhaps the most important item on this list is the Old Guillotine. This item will instantly kill elite enemies who have hit a certain health threshold. Alongside the other AOE damage sources and the Railgunner's base damage, elites will be taking a lot of damage. The Old Guillotine ensures they never have a chance to really make an impact on the fight.

Get Lots & Lots Of Crowbars

Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build (8)

The final key to the best Railgunner build is to try and focus on grabbing Crowbars. They are a common item, so they should be fairly available. The Railgunner benefits from this item tremendously. Because she is a fantastic initiator in combat thanks to her high single shot damage output, she should often be getting the first hits on most foes. Enemies above 90% of their maximum health will receive 75% increased damage with a Crowbar, with scaling values based on the amount of Crowbars in possession.

This is so good on the Railgunner because it will effectively transform her into a one-hit machine. Most basic enemies will fall in one well-placed sniper shot, and if they survive, they will be a much lower health than before. This leads to her uncommon items triggering or just a blast from the Royal Capacitor to finish the job. While this won't make her a boss slaying build, it will certainly guarantee that she is plowing through the hordes that spawn in later stages with ease. With the right items, the Railgunner can effectively wipe out all the mobs before they can even attack.

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Risk of Rain 2: The Best Railgunner Build? ›

Risk of Rain 2 has a ton of items, but these are the best for the ideal Railgunner build!
The following items are a must for the best Railgunner builds:
  • Runald's Band.
  • Kjaro's Band.
  • Will-O-Wisp.
  • Predatory Instincts.
  • Ukulele.
  • Old Guillotine.
  • Harvester's Scythe.
Mar 18, 2022

How do I get 1mil damage on my Railgunner? ›

Honestly... play like normal, and when you're hitting hard enough, go to the bazaar, get 5 shaped glass and shoot the newt's hand. If you see that you're dealing around 32000 or more per shot, then you can go to the bazaar, since 5 shaped glass will multiply your damage by 32, getting you to 1024000 damage.

How does Railgunner deal with 100000 damage? ›

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What does crit do on Railgunner? ›

Unlike other Survivors, Railgunner cannot get random critical strikes. Instead, she is guaranteed to get critical strikes when hitting enemies' exposed weak points, and her critical strike chance increases the amount of damage her critical strikes deal.

How do you use the Railgunner? ›

Railgunner Character Guide (Risk of Rain 2 Void DLC) - YouTube

Do crit glasses work on Railgunner? ›

Because crit glasses affect your chance usually you will only go up to ten in total (giving you 100% crit chance). But the Railgunner doesn't have to worry about that! Any excess crit chance is just more damage to her.

How do you unlock the Railgunner Annihilator? ›

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How do you unlock the achievements in Railgunner? ›

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How do you do the Railgunner challenge? ›

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Does laser scope work on Railgunner ror2? ›

The Laser Scope is a Legendary item introduced into Risk of Rain 2 alongside the Survivors Of The Void expansion. This item synergizes with the Railgunner, which was released alongside the DLC.

How do you get the void fiend in Risk of Rain 2? ›

There are two different ways to unlock Void Fiend. The first requires you to complete the alternate final level of the game, which sends you to the Planetarium. The second method involves reaching Wave 50 in the Simulacrum, the infinite-scaling challenge mode in Risk of Rain 2.

Is survivors of the void on PS4? ›

Survivors of the Void is the first expansion for Risk of Rain 2, released on March 1st, 2022 on Steam alongside its eponymous update and later in Q4 of 2022 for consoles.
Survivors of the Void
Previous ← PS4 & Xbox One Patch
Next N/A →
5 more rows

How do you do the Railgunner challenge? ›

Railgunner [Annihilator Challenge Guide] - Risk of Rain 2 - YouTube

How do you unlock the achievements in Railgunner? ›

How to Complete Every RAILGUNNER Unlock in Risk of ...

How do you unlock the Railgunner Annihilator? ›

Railgunner "Annihilator" Guide (unlock Polar Field Device) - YouTube

Survivors of the Void, the newest DLC, has just been released for Risk of Rain 2 and with it, we have two brand new survivors. The first of which is the Railgunner. A bit of a spin on the sniper from the first game, the Railgunner is a powerful survivor with an insane amount of […]

In this Railgunner guide for Risk of Rain 2, we will be going over all of the Railgunner’s abilities, the best items for her, and some tips for playing the Railgunner.. However, every time the Railgunner lands a critical strike, it will do much more damage than a normal survivor.. Supercharge is the Railgunner’s special ability and gives your M99 Sniper a bonus of 4000% damage and 150% weak point damage (crit).. Because it gives you an extra 50% crit damage, the more crit chance you’ve stacked, the more damage this 50% bonus you will do.. This section is going to cover what I believe are the best items for the Railgunner and is essentially an item guide for Railgunner.. Len’s Makers Glasses: More crit chance = more scoped damage = ez win Backup Mags : You’d think they wouldn’t work, but Hopoo actually made them good for Railgunner Crowbar : A must for any burst survivor Bands : More damage multipliers Shatterspleen : God Tier for AOE when you have good crit Plasma Shrimp : Guaranteed to proc when you have shield for 40% total damage Polylute : More single target Lysate Cell : More stacks of your special skill. Most of the items Railgunner focuses on are damage multipliers and crit chance.. Harvester’s Scythe and Predatory Instincts are good, but the crit chance they give doesn’t scale and their effects aren’t great for Railgunner so they don’t make it on here.

Risk of Rain 2's Void Fiend is a difficult build to play, but is a powerful character with unique abilities and a high skill ceiling.

His normal state features slower movement and longer range but lower damage attacks; meanwhile, in his corrupted state, the Void Fiend uses short-range, high-damage attacks and faster movement.. Void items are crucial to this build , as each one will increase the Void Fiend’s minimum corruption by 2%.. This means that the time spent in the normal state will be gradually decreased, and the player will transform into the corrupted state more often.. Keep in mind that this also means that the Void Fiend transforms back into his normal state faster, but generally, more time will still be spent in the corrupted state.. This means that should the player pick up too many healing items, entering the corrupted state becomes impossible.. Keep in mind that the Void Fiend can exchange some corruption to heal 25% of his health with the Suppress ability, which is helpful in emergencies.. To mitigate the lack of healing, it is vital to pick up defensive items which protect the player from damage rather than heal them .. Another way to make up for this build’s lack of healing is to use more shields.. Items that do AoE damage are important on most characters , but they’re especially vital for the Void Fiend, which needs them to compensate for his less versatile attacks.. That being said, more movement items are necessary because the lack of healing means speed is crucial to survivability .. The Hardlight Afterburner gives the player two extra charges of their utility skill and decreases the cooldown .

Best Characters In Risk of Rain 2. An updated Risk of Rain 2 character tier list for Survivors of the Void DLC and includes new characters!

Has been updated for the Survivors of the Void DLC for Risk of Rain 2.. Commando is the first class you have unlocked in Risk of Rain 2 and is, therefore, the one character everyone has experience with.. if you really HAVE to play him, you should check out my Commando guide.. So if you want an insanely fun character to play in Risk of Rain 2, play Mercenary.. It is way better to just use his special and Secondary to kill things.. For all these reasons and more, Rex is 6th in this Risk of Rain 2 character tier list.. Although, I can’t tell which has the most damage yet…. First off, Captain’s attacks are incredibly slow.. There is no survivor in the game other than the Bandit who can actually scale damage infinitely, which makes him at the very least unique, if not at least extremely strong.. Artificer is one of the highest damage characters in Risk of Rain 2 and a personal favorite to play.. The Railgunner is the second survivor from the Survivors of the Void DLC.. Engineer Strengths: Good at almost everything, including boss busting.Weaknesses: Bad mobility.. And that’s it for our Risk of Rain 2 Character Tier List for the Survivors of the Void DLC!

In our Risk of Rain 2 Huntress guide, we are going to talk about how you can unlock the character along with her abilities and best items.

Huntress is one of the best characters to use in Risk of Rain 2.. Like our previous Risk of Rain 2 guides, we will mention how you can unlock the character, what abilities she offers, and which items suit her style.. Before we talk about her abilities and all, you first need to learn how to unlock Huntress in Risk of Rain 2.. Unlike most of the characters in Risk of Rain 2, Huntress does not offer a Passive Ability.. This ability allows Huntress to fire a seeking arrow that does 150% damage quickly.. Arrow RainNext up in our Risk of Rain 2 Huntress guide are the alternate abilities.. Huntress’ Primary Alternate ability is Fury, and it draws back a volley of 3 seeking arrows that deal 100% damage.. You will need to complete the Huntress: One Shot, One Kill challenge to unlock this ability.. Therefore, we are going to list some items in our Risk of Rain 2 Huntress guide that we think are best for Huntress.

The Huntress is the speedy glass cannon of Risk of Rain 2 — this guide will outline the best items to snag and strategies to employ when playing her.

It's hard to know which items you will receive, but when playing with the Artifact of Command , you can pick any item you want , allowing you to create a strong Huntress build.. Here are some of the most useful items for Huntress.. With a few Backup Magazines, Huntress's Laser Glaive quickly becomes her strongest ability.Soldier's Syringe Increases attack speed by 15%Huntress is already pretty quick, but if you want her to become quicker , then the Soldier's Syringe is the way to go.. Mocha Increases attack speed by 7.5% and movement speed by 7% A fast Huntress is a strong Huntress.. Crowbar Grants 75% extra damage to enemies over 90% healthWhen throwing the Laser Glaive at enemies with full health, they will take more damage.. Since the damage already increases between glaive hits, a simple crowbar can lead to a massive amount of damage.Rose Buckler Reduces damage taken while sprintingHuntress can attack while sprinting; this allows her to be fast, mitigate what damage she does take, and attack all at the same time.. Any items that increase attack and decrease damage taken work great with Huntress, but some items don't do much.. Every Void item will corrupt one normal item, so don't forget to double-check every Void item that you come across.. As for primary abilities, Flurry does more damage, and several items can help boost this damage even further .

Do you know the list of best and worst items in Risk of Rain 2? No? Well, our Risk of Rain 2 Item Tier List guide is here to enlighten you.

Our tier list breaks down all items of Risk of Rain 2 based on their usability, drop rate, efficiency in a build, and stacking perk bonus.. All critical hits will significantly increase your attack speed: 12% for one item and max 36% attack speed can be achieved by stacking the items.8Will-o’-the-wispAs soon as you kill an enemy a lava pillar appears, dealing burn damage in a 12m radius.9Gesture of The DrownedYou get a 50% reduction in overall equipment cooldown.. Further stacking of the item gives 15% more chance.. The overall damage is increased by 240%.6InfusionYou can increase your overall health by 1hp after killing one enemy.. The item ability deals 250% damage as time passes and slows down enemies for 80% for next three seconds.. .5AegisYou get the ability the heal more than 100% of your overall health.. Each stack of the item grants additional +25% of sprint speed.9War HornUsing the item allows you to receive 70% increased attack speed for the next eight seconds.. Each stack gives +4 seconds on attack speed.10Brilliant BehemothLand exploding attacks to the enemies who are in a 4 meter radius near you.11War BannerYour survivor drops a war banner, significantly raising the attack and movement speed of all survivors by 30% as long as they remain in the radius of the war banner.12Preon AccumulatorYour survivor can fire a preon tendril that electrifies and stuns enemies in a 35 meter radius The attack deals 600% damage per second.13Queen’s GlandYour survivor gets the ability to summon a personal Beetle Guard who fights enemies right by your side.14Armor Piercing RoundsThe ability allows you to land 20% additional damage on the bosses only.. Each item stack gives 10% more.18PearlYour survivor receives an increases health bar by 10%, and each item stack gives additional 10% health.The items falling under this category of our Risk of Rain 2 item tier list are the least favored and used items in the game.. The key is consumed if you open a rusty box.10BrainstalksWhenever you kill an elite monster, your survivor becomes frenzied for the next four seconds and all of his/her cooldowns have 0.5 seconds duration only.11Cautious SlugYou survivor’s base health regeneration speed is increased by +3 hp per seconds.. The item deals 160% damage and can strike up to five monsters in a 25 meter radius.15Happiest MaskUsing the item, your survivor gets a 7% chance to spawn the ghost of the killed enemy who fights alongside you for max 30 seconds.16Lepton DaisyThe Lepton Daisy heals all allies and yourself for 50% of the max health during a teleporter boss fight.. Each stack of the item grants additional two seconds.The items falling under this category in our Risk of Rain 2 item tier list are straight away useless.. Each stack of this item grants +2 HP.2Ghor’s TomeYou get a 4% (+4% on stack) chance, by equipping this item, to receive a treasure of $25 if you kill an enemy.


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