Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (2023)

Risk of Rain 2 has many interesting characters and an engineer is one of them. If you use it wisely, it is one of the best characters in-game.

If you are looking for a Risk of Rain 2 engineer guide then you are at the right spot. Today, we will cover an in-depth guide for this specific character. So, without a minute’s delay let’s begin:

Why Engineer Is An Awesome Character?

Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (1)
  • Turrets duplicate his things.
  • Turrets shoot things for you.
  • Turrets can take enemy aggro.
  • Turrets can get your work done (alright perhaps not).
  • Air pocket Shield is the best “goodness poop” button in RoR2.

We’ll expound on these numerous advantages of utilizing Engineers later in this guide. For the time being, remember that in Risk of Rain 2 there is no better performance character in the game than Engineer and no cooler feline than the man with a turret.

Engineer’s Skills

Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (2)

The Engineer accompanies an interesting skill set that separates him from his sub-par partners.

  • Bobbing Grenades
  • Mines
  • Air pocket Shield
  • Turrets

Bobbing Grenades

How about we begin with the Engineer’s assault ability.

The bobbing explosives are meh as far as harm and a fraction of the time you will overlook you even have this ability. Without assault speed, it feels like you are shooting nerf shots in moderate movement, however with assault speed, it feels like quicker nerf slugs. So there is that.


In all reasonableness, they aren’t totally awful (aside from against anything noticeable all around). You can run while energizing the assault, something just a couple of other Risk of Rain characters have. It is easy to do, simply hold the ability (left-click PC overlords) and afterward utilize the run button as you are charging it. Make sure to point it at an enemy.

Outstandingly, this ability likewise has a 1.0 proc coefficient. For the individuals who do not understand what this implies, look at the proc segment of my Risk of Rain 2 guide. This stuff is essential to see, regardless of whether you are playing my top choice (brain dead) survivor.

Continue running while at the same time charging his assault, his assaults are somewhat crap, and they have a 1.0 proc coefficient.


The Engineer’s mines, much like his ordinary assault, are low harm however various. Fortunately, he can hold up to 10 at once and have 4 on the ground without a moment’s delay (they detonate if there are more than 4). How you use them is vital.

More often than not you need to turtle in your shield and once enough enemies have bunched up around you, throw all the mines you can without a moment’s delay, ideally stopping the creepy crawly pandemic that plagues you.

These things likewise stick to everything. EVERYTHING. Players, your turrets, your shield, enemies, even automatons. My undisputed top choice approach to utilize them is to toss them on the Engineer’s heads, giving them a touchy Kippah. Only an idea.

Engineer’s Bubble Shield

This little ability makes the Engineer a genuine s’ mores eating camper. Where most Risk of Rain 2 characters get a development ability, Engineer gets an invulnerable shield that goes on for an incredible 15 seconds.

Incidentally, when we said impervious, we would not joke about this. Your assaults don’t experience, they simply ricochet off it (or stick). The vast majority would consider this to be an inconvenience, nonetheless, it is really an advantage, you can utilize the shield to skip projectiles off of and kill those irritating lesser wisps. Trickshot infant.

(Video) Best Loadouts for ALL survivors - Anniversary Update (Risk of Rain 2)

Engineer’s Turrets

The Engineer’s turrets are the primary explanation you are keen on playing Engineer, how about we be genuine.

These things are amazingly solid for two reasons. One, they duplicate the entirety of the things you have along these lines significantly increasing the viability of anything, and second, they can carry out your responsibility for you (kill things) while you go gather things.

At the point when simply beginning, the turrets are really dull. They don’t do a huge measure of harm and do so gradually (notice an example?), however only a couple of average things can transform the turrets into cold-blooded killing (or recuperating) machines. Check the build section for more data.

Remember that you can just have two turrets out without a moment’s delay and putting more will supplant the primary turret you set. You can hold two charges and each charge brings 30 seconds to chill off so ensure you aren’t squandering them as they are your fundamental wellspring of harm.

The following segments will manage ongoing interaction tips on the most proficient method to play Engineer in Risk of Rain 2 and what the ideal things are for an Engineer.

The most effective method to Play Using Engineer in Risk of Rain 2

Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (3)

A speedy two-second guide on the most proficient method to play Engineer:

  • Spot a turret down
  • Go get the teleporter/chests
  • Spot another turret down close the teleporter
  • Open a chest or two
  • Spot another turret at the teleporter
  • Kill the chief
  • Rehash on next stage

The main thing to note is that you need to put just a single turret down toward the beginning. Turrets just have two charges and 30 seconds between each charge, making it difficult to move them around with you on the off chance that you simply spam them at whatever point they are up. Rather, attempt to consistently have one turret charge prepared.

(Video) Healing Master - Engineer Character Guide (Risk of Rain 2)

While this turret is down, go get chests and the teleporter as fast as could be expected under the circumstances. In RoR2, time is unbelievably significant, particularly at harder troubles, as one of the more slow characters (slowest perhaps?) you have to separate and vanquish, otherwise known as turrets kill you run.

In the long run, enemies will quit producing around the old turret and you should put another one to get more kills. This is on the grounds that enemies bring forth around players, not turrets, which is the reason we don’t put two down at once.

Ideally, you would put this turret close to the teleporter so you can spare a charge while opening chests. Else, you should hold up an additional 30 seconds to put a turret by the teleporter and as we said previously, time is valuable.

Notwithstanding what you do, you should put the two turrets at the teleporter to kill the chief. We suggest having, at least, one charge still accessible before beginning the battle. Certain managers, similar to the Imp, can kill your turrets incredibly rapidly and on the off chance that you don’t have another charge prepared, you should battle it without your most grounded resource accessible. That is a major no-no.

Concerning your different abilities, you can utilize them at your tact. We for one utilize my shield on my turrets at the absolute starting point and afterward flee from them so the Engineer aggroes me and my turrets can do however much harm as could reasonably be expected. Mines can be utilized for burst harm in the battle or to get out the littler floods of enemies that produce with the chief.

Also, that is everything to playing Engineer in Risk of Rain 2. He may have turrets yet the overall substance of interactivity is the equivalent, go around shooting enemies without biting the dust.

Next up is the ideal Engineer build. These are things that make it so natural to play Engineer you don’t need to be at the screen.

Best Risk of Rain 2 Engineer Build

Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (4)
(Video) The BEST way to play ENGINEER | Risk of Rain 2

The vast majority of different characters have their own “god builds” however Engineer has a very remarkable one that no different class can utilize. That build is the clamoring fungus N’kuhana build.

The clamoring parasite is a thing that possibly sparkles when Engineer has it. Since his turrets share his things, and in light of the fact that his turrets are stable, the clamoring parasite is consistently dynamic.

For those of you who don’t have a clue what the clamoring organism does, basically, it makes an AOE of recuperating on the off potential for success that you have still for 2 seconds. Both the recuperating and the AOE develop with the more piles of growth you have.

Presently, N’kuhana is an incredible thing that will bring forth skulls that arrangement harm dependent on the mending you (or your turrets) have gotten. The skull will take shots out at 10% all-out life mended for 250% harm of that absolute life.

You can almost certainly observe why this is so solid. Organism mends for 4.5% of your complete health a second with an expansion of 2.25% each pile of growth. The parasite AOE can cover so at one pile of organisms you could have 13.5% complete recuperating every second (both you and your turrets covering the AOE) and in light of the fact that the turrets share your things, the N’kuhana skulls will produce from every single one of you. In layman terms, one pile of growth can make 3 skulls per second.

So that is the Engineer’s wet dream. Notwithstanding, there are different things that the Engineer wants to have also. The following segment centers around the entirety of the things the Engineer needs to pay special mind to.

Best Items for Engineer

Risk of rain 2 Engineer: Skills, method, and builds (5)

Here are the best things for the Engineer in Risk of Rain 2:

(Video) DB's How to play Engineer - Risk of Rain 2 guide

  • Dio’s Best Friend: Your turrets get one free rez with this thing and they don’t expend yours.
  • Clamoring organism: Read the above segment.
  • N’kuhana: Read previously.
  • Tesla Coil: Will stun enemies close by.
  • Old Guiltoine: Kills elites when they arrive at a specific HP edge.
  • Hardlight Afterburner: Gives your shield a 100% uptime as a result of the additional 2 charges it gives and the CD decrease.
  • Bandolier: Enemies get an opportunity to bring forth an ammunition box that resets CDs. Valuable for both your shield and turrets.
  • Rose buckler: Reduces harm while running. You ought to consistently be running.
  • Caffeinated Drink: Makes you quicker while running. You ought to consistently be running.
  • Red Whip: Makes you quicker out of battle. Sucks on everybody except sucks less on you in light of the fact that your turrets are typically the ones shooting things.


This is everything you need to know about the Risk of Rain 2 engineer. We hope you found this guide helpful in your quest to become an excellent player in this game. Hopefully, this guide will come in handy to you while playing this game.


Do Engineer turrets inherit equipment? ›

Engineer's turrets will become Elite if the Engineer has any Elite equipment, as turrets inherit the Engineer's equipment, and the Elite equipment activates passively.

How do you get the Engineer in Risk of Rain 2? ›

Engineer. Like MUL-T, you'll eventually unlock the Engineer passively while playing. To unlock him, you need to complete 30 stages. It doesn't matter what stages you clear, what characters you use, or what difficulty you play on.

How many turrets can Engineer have? ›

Everyone can place down two turrets and shoot down monsters, but it takes practice to strafe around the map and use your primary attack well.

Can Engineer turrets Sprint? ›

The carbonizer turrets don't sprint, so they don't benefit from sprinting items They probably could stand to, though.

Why is bustling fungus good on Engineer? ›

Bustling fungus is a godsend for the engineer and ♥♥♥♥ on everyone else. the engineer's turrets inherit ALL of his items. so if you stack enough bustling fungus and place the turrets close enough to eachother they will heal off of their fungi incredibly quick as they're in 2 rings at the same time.

How do you find the zero sum of ror2? ›

The easy method is to charge the Teleporter to 99% without killing the Teleporter Boss, at which point no more monsters will naturally spawn. Kill the remaining monsters then kill the Teleporter Boss to complete the challenge.

How do I get more turrets as an Engineer? ›

How to get Infinite Turrets in Risk of Rain 2 - YouTube

How do you get a 57 leaf clover in ror2? ›

How to Obtain the 57 Leaf Clover. The Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover is one of the game's more powerful, legendary (red) items. In order to obtain it, you'll have to complete 20 stages in one single run. After doing so, the Risk of Rain 2 57 Leaf Clover will be eligible to drop while playing, just like other items do.

How do you get the most damage in ror2? ›

How to deal more damage - Risk of Rain 2 - YouTube

Does brilliant behemoth stack? ›

Each stack beyond the first increases the range of the blast by 1.5 meters. All abilities get the bonus, as do most item effects, such as Ukuleles and Unstable Tesla Coil's lightning, Ceremonial Daggers' daggers, and N'kuhanas Opinions' skulls.

How do you play Engineer ROR? ›

Engineer Character Guide: Risk of Rain 2 - YouTube

How do I unlock Engineer harpoon? ›

To unlock the Thermal Harpoons skill, you must finish the “Engineer: Zero Sum” achievement. Completing the achievement is easy but it will take time. You will need to finish charging the teleporter with zero monsters remaining on the stage to complete the achievement.

Is vision of heresy good for Engineer? ›

As such, you probably won't want to use Visions of Heresy with Commando, Huntress, or even the Engineer, as it will also replace the turrets' primary attack. However, Visions of Heresy can be a great choice for characters like Artificer, Acrid, Loader, or Mercenary.

How do you use engineering in risk of rain? ›

How to Play Engineer in Risk of Rain 2
  1. Place a turret down.
  2. Go find the teleporter/chests.
  3. Place another turret down near the teleporter.
  4. Open a chest or two.
  5. Place another turret at the teleporter.
  6. Kill the boss.
  7. Repeat on next stage.
Feb 6, 2020

Does bustling fungus stack? ›

The Bustling Fungus is a returning item in Risk of Rain 2. After the holder remains stationary for 1 second, the item creates a radius of 3m (+1.5m per stack) which heals any ally within for 4.5% (2.25% per stack) health every second, as long as the holder remains still.

How do you find the zero sum of ror2? ›

The easy method is to charge the Teleporter to 99% without killing the Teleporter Boss, at which point no more monsters will naturally spawn. Kill the remaining monsters then kill the Teleporter Boss to complete the challenge.


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