List of Cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters Degree, 2022 (2022)

List of Cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters Degree, 2022 (1)

Thinking of going to any of the Universities in Canada for a Master’s degree program? Canada is well known as one country that offers an interesting variety of degree programs. Now, depending on what you intend to achieve, or what you’re looking for, select the List of Cheapest Universities in Canada for a Masters degree we have complied with below that best fits your needs not been worried about financial constraints.

However, the country’s reputation for friendliness, pristine wilderness, and world-class universities has led to Canada becoming one of the world’s most popular destinations for international postgraduates, with numbers rising steadily each year.

If you’d like to know more about studying a Masters in Canada, this page covers essential information on Canadian universities, applications, and postgraduate programmes.

About Universities in Canada

Consistently ranked in the top ten of the UN’s Human Development Index, Canada has one of the highest living standards in the world. The nation realizes the importance of good and higher education, and which is why, Canada’s public education is sponsored by provincial, federal as well as the local governments.

Thus, it also witnesses one of the topmost enrollment rates in post-secondary to Master’s Degree.

What Are the Requirements For Masters in Canada?

Canada has a lot of amazing universities offering astounding programs. Hence, there are a plethora of options for the students seeking for master’s degree in Canada.

Although each school has its own specifics, the general requirement involves;

having a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university,

  • Bachelor Degree
  • Written application
  • Reference letters

Why Students Love To Study in Canada?

cAnadaian univerisites offer amazing Master’s programs under some of the most serene and interesting environments you can ever find. The ease of getting a Canadaian student is not comparable to those of other countries especially for African students.

  • Easily available scholarships for all country students
  • Low tuition fee
  • Accommodation facilities
  • Placement assistance

So far so good, you will agree with me that Canada indeed is the right choice. Now let’s explore some of the best universities where you can actually pursue your master’s degree programs at lower tuition fees.

List of Cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters Degree are as follows

  • Memorial University
  • University of Manitoba
  • McGill University
  • Dominican University College
  • University of Alberta
  • The University of British Columbia
  • Dalhousie University
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Ottawa

#1. Memorial University

Memorial University is one of the Cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters degree. The university offers postgraduate training programs in internal medicine (consider subspecialty in Nephrology), neurology, anesthesia, obstetrics/gynecology, pediatrics, pathology, general surgery, radiology, and family medicine. For the post-graduate residents and interns, the registration fee is $500 per annum.

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The master course fees for different streams are:

  • Master of Applied Science in Computer Engineering Canadian students is $16,000 and for international students $21,000.
  • Applied Science in Environmental Systems Engineering and Management for Canadian (Masters) is $12,000 and International is $16,500.
  • Master of Education (Information Technology) charges $3,000.
  • Engineering Management (Plan A) charges $12,000 for the Canadians and $16,500 for the international.
  • If you are pursuing a Master of Public Health you need to shell out around $1,500. Master of Science in Management costs around $5,500 for the Canadians and $10,500 for others.

#2. University of Manitoba

The postgraduate programs are for those who have the motivation towards learning more about clinical skills.

Some of the resident programs offered are:-
Reproductive Endocrinology/Infertility, Gynecological Oncology, Adolescent Gynecology/Family Planning, Urogynecology, Elective (both Off-Service and On-Service), Obstetrics and Gynecology

if you are a graduate from an accredited medical school, with at least one reference from an academic specialist in Ob/Gyn, have never had disciplinary action from a medical regulatory authority, and have fluent written and spoken English skills, then you may try for Manitoba University.

The selected applicants have to face an interview and will be ranked according to their performance.
The tuition fee is approximately $12,000.

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#3. McGill University

All the applicant files will be screened by the Postgraduate Medical Education office before being submitted to the program director where the eligibility requirements will be verified.

However, They offer fellowship for trainees who have completed the full Specialty Program or hold a Specialty Certificate from a Board or a College or those who have completed the MCEE or MCCQEI-II or USMLE.

All programs start from July 1st each year. The tuition fee is $15,000.

The Quebec students are subjected to an increased tuition fee from this year with an overall total tuition increase of 6.5% including the International Post-Graduate Medical Education Trainees and Dental Residents.

#4. Dominican University College

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DUC offers degrees in philosophy, theology, and ethics (up to Ph.D. level). You don’t really need to spend a lot on a degree. Universities as these can let you complete your education for cheap. You can work as well so that you can cover up most of the fees that you need to pay.

However, A Masters’ Degree can be quite hard to complete, so you know that you need to focus on your education and completing the degree rather than paying high tuition fees.

Furthermore, Tuition and Fees for Canadian citizens/residents are CAD$ 4600/yr (undergraduates) and CAD$ 7400/yr (for graduate programs). Fees for international students is CAD$ 9200/yr (undergraduates) and CAD$ 12000/yr (graduate)

#5. University of Alberta

The University of Alberta is one of the Cheapest Universities in Canada that offers masters degree programs both for canadian citizens and international students. So, if you are looking for a university to pursue your master’s degree in Canada, The University of Alberta should be in your options list.

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However, This university is anopen research university developed with a major focus on applied research and extension work. Also, The classes started in the same year of establishment with an enrolment of 45 students. In the beginning, three courses were offered, namely mathematics, English and modern languages.

The master course fees for different streams. some of them are:

  • MBA in Finance tuition fees is $12114.59
  • MSc in Computing Science tuition fees is $6187.83
  • Master of Engineering in Engineering Management tuition fees is $6187.83

#6. The University of British Columbia

The University of British Columbia is anopen research university. Based on the founder of the university, Henry Marshall Tory, a medal of his name was brought into existence in 1941. Recently, the university is recognized as themost international universityin North America.

However, The university offers undergraduate degree programs, postgraduate degree programs, joint academic programs, exchange programs, and distance education programs. Moreso,

A wide list of subjects incorporates under these programs that give students the opportunity to choose among the various subjects according to their area of interest. The list includes Applied Science, Architecture, Law, Medicine, Dentistry, Philosophy, Anthropology and Ancient Culture, Religion and Ethnicity.

The master course fees for different streams. some of them are:

  • Master of Science in Computer Science Tuition fees is $6436.43
  • MSc in Business Administration tuition fees is $6436.43
  • Master of Data Science tuition fees is $32364.02
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#7. Dalhousie University

Dalhousie University Founded in 1818, is one of Canada’s oldest universities, attracting more than 19,000 students from around the world. However, this university is one of the Cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters degree students who want to pursue their academic career.

Note, Dalhousie has 13 Faculties with 200+ degree programs including Masters degree programs which are been by continualinnovation in the classroomand a focus on interactive learning. 90% of students take part in work-integrated learning which gives students the opportunity to learn from experienced professionals, gain skills necessary in their field of interest as well as gain practical knowledge from experts.

The master course fees for different streams are:

  • Master of Applied Computer Science fees is $14929.11
  • Master of Computer Science tuition fees is $14929.11
  • MSc in Agriculture tuition fees is $6745
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#8. University of Toronto

Next in our list of Cheapest Universities in Canada for a Masters degree at the University of Toronto. The University, since itsinception in 1827has developed into Canada’s leading institution of learning that offers a high standard education and degree programs. However, The university proudly boasts to be one of theworld’s top research-intensiveuniversities, driven to invent and innovate.

The master course fees for different streams are:

  • MSc Computer Science tuition fees are $6,780
  • Management tuition fees is $6,780 for citizens and $49,800 for international students.
  • Other programs tuition fees is $6,780 for citizens and $49,800 for international students.
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#9. University of Ottawa

Also known as UOttawa, Ottawa U or U of O, the University of Ottawa is a bilingual public research university in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. The main campus is located on 42.5 hectares in the residential neighborhood of Sandy Hill, adjacent to Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

However, The university offers a wide variety of academic programs, administered by ten faculties. It is a member of theU15, a group of research-intensive universities in Canada. The University of Ottawa is the largest English-French bilingual university in the world.

Moreso, The university is one of the cheapest universities in Canada for Master’s degree students who want to pursue their careers. The tuition fees for different masters programs differ. Citizen students pays $14,800 $ – $32,400 and international students pays $8,000 – $15,500.

#10. Simon Fraser University

You can also consider going to Simeon Fraser University Canada for your master’s Degree program because the school is known as the place whereinnovative education, cutting-edgeresearch,andcommunity outreachintersect, you’ll find Simon Fraser University.

However, This school since its inception in 1965, has become Canada’s leading comprehensive university with vibrant campuses in British Columbia’s largest municipalities —Vancouver,BurnabyandSurrey— and deep roots in partner communities throughout the province andaround the world.

Although Simon Fraser University tuition fees for programs differ, it is known as among the cheapest Universities in Canada for Masters degree programs. And also, The Master’s degree tuition fees are $5,300 annually.


These schools might be the cheapest universities in Canada for Master’s students, however, their programs are still top-notch with qualified professionals operating as faculty members.

You won’t experience a single day of regret when you enter any of these institutions.

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Which university has lowest tuition fees in Canada? ›

Cheap universities in Canada

University of Regina – tuition fees: 1,715 – 20,050 CAD/year. Royal Roads University – tuition fees: 3,750 – 27,600 CAD/year. University of Saskatchewan – tuition fees: 4,110 – 24,000 CAD/year. Athabasca University – tuition fees: 1,625 – 17,250 CAD/year.

Which province in Canada has the cheapest university? ›

Cheapest Province in Canada:
Provinces in CanadaInternational UndergraduateInternational Postgraduate
British Columbia25,47216,988
New Brunswick14,29011,593
6 more rows

Which Canadian university has no application fee? ›

The University of British Columbia was founded in 1908 and is known for charging no application fees from international students belonging to the world's 50 least developed nations, as declared by the UN.

Which country is cheapest for Masters? ›

Tuition Fees
CoursesMBA (in lakh)MS (in lakh)
8 more rows

How much bank balance is required for Canada student visa? ›

Outside Quebec
Persons coming to CanadaAmount of funds required per year (doesn't include tuition)Amount of funds required per month (additional to the tuition)
You (the student)CAN$10,000CAN$833
First family memberCAN$4,000CAN$333
Every additional accompanying family memberCAN$3,000CAN$255
4 Oct 2022

What is the cost of master degree in Canada? ›

Generally speaking you can expect to pay more than twice the tuition fee rate of an equivalent domestic student: the average international fee for a graduate programme in Canada is CAD $21,111 (USD $15,521). Costs will vary between individual universities and degree programmes.

Which is the easiest university to get admission in Canada? ›

Top 15 Easiest Canadian Universities to Get Into
  1. Wilfrid Laurier University. Acceptance rate: 89% ...
  2. Lakehead University. Acceptance rate: 83% ...
  3. Ryerson University. Acceptance rate: 80% ...
  4. University of Guelph. ...
  5. University of Lethbridge. ...
  6. Memorial University of Newfoundland. ...
  7. University of Manitoba. ...
  8. University of Saskatchewan.

How many hours can a student work in Canada? ›

You can work up to 20 hours per week. Working more than 20 hours per week is a violation of your study permit conditions. You can lose your student status for doing this, and may not be approved for a study or work permit in the future. You may also have to leave the country.

Which province in Canada is easy for student visa? ›

👉 Ontario Immigration Nominee Program (OINP) or Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OPNP): Ontario PNP offers bright opportunities to immigration aspirants and is considered as an easy province to get PR in Canada. This largest Canadian province is famous for easy rules, quick immigration process and high rate of ITA.

Can a poor student can study in Canada? ›

If you want to study in Canada for free, you can either opt for a university with low tuition fees or get a part-time job. Another way to reduce your expenses is by getting a scholarship. There are several organizations and institutes that offer different types of scholarships to international students.

Which part of Canada is best for international students? ›

Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver and Ontario are among the best places to study and work in Canada. These best cities in Canada to study also come with part-time job opportunities for international students. Thus, making it an added benefit to living in cities that most international students prefer.

Which University gives admission without IELTS in Canada? ›

Brock University

This prominent public university in Canada allows students to study without an IELTS score. Students who do not want to take the IELTS test can enroll in their Intensive English Language Program (IELP).

Can I apply to Canadian universities without IELTS? ›

As a matter of fact, in case you have studied in an English-medium school for a four-year period or more, higher education institutions in Canada will accept you without the proof of IELTS.

Which University has free application? ›

The University of the Free State does not need an application fee to be paid to apply. UFS has nine faculties for prospective students to choose from. Along with these faculties, they also offer Open Distance Learning and Business School. Students can also participate in more than 22 different sport disciplines.

Which country has easiest student visa? ›

Easiest Countries to Get Student Visa:
  • Australia What is Australia Student Visa? ...
  • Canada 🍁 What is Canada Student Visa? ...
  • United Kingdom. In the past few years, we were the witness of very stringent attitude of UK immigration especially for overseas student visa candidates. ...
  • USA 🗽 ...
  • New Zealand.

Which country has 1 year Masters? ›

United Kingdom (UK) Master courses duration in the UK are shorter than in other countries; it only takes 1 year as compared to other countries without compromising the quality of education.

Which country is best to settle after Masters? ›

The Best Countries to Study and Work Abroad In
  1. Australia. Australia loves international students! ...
  2. UK. For a while, the UK wasn't one of the best countries to work abroad in, because undergraduate and master's degree students could only stay for up to 6 months after graduation. ...
  3. New Zealand. ...
  4. Canada. ...
  5. Ireland.

Is 4 months bank statement enough for Canada student visa? ›

You must have proof of a Canadian bank account that is in your name; You must have a Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) issued by a Canadian financial institution. You must have proof that you have taken a student loan from a bank. You must have bank statements for at least the past 4 months.

How long does it take to get a Canadian student visa after biometrics? ›

We process most Student Direct Stream applications within 20 calendar days after we receive your biometrics, if you meet the eligibility. If your application doesn't meet the eligibility for the Student Direct Stream, we'll review it as a regular study permit. You won't get faster processing if this happens.

Can a friend sponsor me to study in Canada? ›

Friend. Currently there is no direct sponsorship program for friend of Canadian citizen or permanent resident. However, friends of permanent residents or Canadian citizens may apply for visitor visa, if they are from non-visa-exempt country.

Is 1 year masters degree valid in Canada? ›

Students who have completed their 1 year masters in Canada are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit. This allows them to work in Canada for the same duration as that of their program.

How many years is a masters degree in Canada? ›

Canadian Masters courses usually last between one and two years (there might be additional internships or placements).

Which masters degree is most in demand in Canada? ›

Top 10 Master's Degrees in Demand: Study in Canada
  • Public Health. ...
  • Finance. ...
  • Human Resources Management. ...
  • Mechanical Engineering. ...
  • Pharmacy degree. ...
  • Electrical Engineering. ...
  • Psychology. ...
  • International Relations.
30 Aug 2022

Which month intake is best for Canada? ›

September is the primary Canada intake 2022 for admission. All universities in Canada accept applications for this intake. Since a maximum number of applications are received for the September intake, admission is quite competitive especially at top universities and therefore you must apply early.

Which course is best and easy in Canada? ›

Best Diploma Courses in Canada
  • Engineering (Electronics and Mechanical)
  • Diploma in Information Technology.
  • Nursing and Pharmacy.
  • Biological Sciences.
  • Business Studies and Business Administration.
  • Economics.
  • Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations.
  • Finance and accounting.
12 Apr 2022

Which university is easy to get admission in Canada for Masters? ›

The easiest university in Canada to get into is Brandon University. Other universities in Canada that are very easy to get into include Université de Saint-Boniface, University of Guelph, Canadian Mennonite University, Memorial University of Newfoundland, University of Saskatchewan, and the University of Manitoba.

Which part-time job pays the most in Canada? ›

Highest paying part-time jobs for international students in Canada 2022
  • Server / bartender (Average CA$13 per hour)
  • Sales assistant (Average CA$14 per hour)
  • Barista (Average CA$14 per hour)
  • Dog walker (Average CA$15 per hour)
  • Tutor (Average CA$16 per hour)
  • Ride sharing driver / delivery driver (Average CA$19 per hour)

Can you work 7 days a week in Canada? ›

The Employment Standards Code requires one day of rest in every work week, 2 consecutive days in a period of 2 consecutive work weeks, and so on up to 4 consecutive days in a period of 4 consecutive work weeks. After 24 consecutive workdays, an employee is entitled to at least 4 days of rest.

Which job is best for students in Canada? ›

The best part time jobs for students in Canada include:
  • Customer service.
  • Cashier.
  • Personal Tutor.
  • Translator.
  • Freelancer.
  • Babysitter.
  • Driver.
  • Dog walker.

Which city in Canada gives PR easily? ›

Ontario is by far the most popular province for new immigrants coming to Canada. In 2021, Ontario received about half of all new Canadian permanent residents. Ontario's most popular city is also the largest in Canada.

What is the easiest Canada visa? ›

#1 – Express Entry

Express Entry is Canada's fastest and most popular immigration program. Candidates that apply through the Express Entry system can receive permanent residence status as soon as six months. By 2025, Canada plans to invite half a million newcomers.

What is the age limit for Canadian student visa? ›

Even though there is no age limit, minors must get a study permit. However, the age limit varies by province. You must be between the ages of 18 and 35 to be a Canadian or foreign youth. PTE is accepted by most major Canadian institutions and is suitable for student visas in Canada.

Does Canada reject student visa? ›

The percentage of rejection of such visas is reported to be around 30% every year. Various reasons for rejection of Canada student visa need to be addressed by international students to ensure a smooth sailing in their study abroad dream.

How can I convince my visa officer for student visa in Canada? ›

If you can get a letter from your employer, or indicate a date that you will return to work, this will help your application. If you are not employed, provide a plan for how you will use your new diploma or degree to start a job. This also helps convince the visa officer that you have a reason to return home.

What happens if international student is pregnant in Canada? ›

Canadian Immigration authorities state that students are allowed to take a leave of absence for valid reasons as long as it is not more than 150 days. Pregnancy is one of them. In most cases, you may be able to take a leave from your program and still be considered to be actively pursuing your studies.

Which city is best for PR in Canada? ›

4 Easiest Provinces to Get PR in Canada in 2022
  • #1 – Saskatchewan's International Skilled Worker: Occupation In-Demand and Express Entry. ...
  • #2 – Alberta's Express Entry Stream. ...
  • #3 – Ontario's Human Capital Priorities Stream. ...
  • #4 – Nova Scotia's Labour Market Priorities Stream. ...
  • Which PNP is Right for You?
22 Aug 2022

Which city in Canada is the best to live and work? ›

Moreover, there are a lot of job opportunities in Montreal. The city was named the best place to work in Canada. So, if you want to make Canada your new home, Montreal is unquestionably the place to be.

Which type of study is best in Canada? ›

Best Course to Study in Canada
  • Hospitality Management.
  • MBA.
  • Information Technology.
  • Business Development.
  • Pharmacy Technician.

Can I get visa without IELTS? ›

Yes, it is possible to get a study visa without IELTS. Many countries provide study visas without IELTS if you have sound educational grades and meet all other requirements. You have to submit your application for a study visa.

Can I do Masters in Canada without IELTS? ›

Yes, you can study in Canada without IELTS as there are many available alternatives offered by Canadian universities to those who don't have IELTS scores. These alternatives are: -Language proficiency exams like TOEFL, Duolingo English Test CanTEST, PTE, CAEL, CPE, Cambridge English Exams, etc.

Can I get IELTS certificate without exam? ›

It is actually an illegal activity to buy an IELTS certificate without the exam. So if you later want to get back your lost money through the courts, in theory you could face a penalty for committing the crime of buying the illegal certificate.

Is 1 week enough for IELTS? ›

We recommend that students spend at least 6-8 weeks preparing for the IELTS exam, focusing on basic grammar, reading speed, test strategies and writing skills. Each part of the IELTS exam is different, so ensure you fully understand what is expected of you.

Is IELTS difficult? ›

Many people find this test section one of the hardest if they haven't prepared ahead of time using test prep tools, or by listening to English music or by watching English television shows. This section of the exam requires you to complete two writing tasks.

What is the deadline for fall 2022 in Canada? ›

Canada September 2022 Deadline

The deadline for fall intake in Canada usually starts in the month of November and ends sometime in January.

Which University is best for free international students? ›

Ranking the Best Free International Colleges for US Students
RankSchool Name
1Heidelberg University
2Technical University of Munich
3Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich
4University of Oslo
46 more rows

Which Canadian colleges have free applications? ›

List of Colleges in Canada with No Application Fee
  • Cambrian College.
  • Confederation College.
  • Fanshawe College.
  • Lambton College.
  • Durham College.
  • Centennial College.
  • Mohawk College.
  • Fleming College.

How do I avoid University application fees? ›

You can request some application fee waivers directly through the college application, or fill out the NACAC's fee waiver request form and submit it with your application. Many college applications have a field where you can indicate that you want to be considered for a fee waiver.

How much does a Masters degree in Canada cost? ›

In the 2022-23 academic year, the average cost of a Masters in Canada was CAD $7,437 (USD $5,467). Your university will usually calculate this total based on the price of a set number of instalments (the fees paid for each semester of study) plus any supplementary costs (such as administrative charges).

How much MS cost in Canada? ›

MS in Canada cost in Indian rupees can be a lot expensive with around 10 lakhs tuition fees per year. Along with tuition costs, students have to meet day-to-day expenses and monthly living costs as well. Cost of living in Canada can be around 5 lakhs to 11 lakhs per year for an Indian student.

Which is the cheapest college in Canada for international students? ›

Algonquin College

It is the cheapest college in Canada offering high education and advanced research programs to international students. The college has a population of 19,957 with over 4,000 international students. The academic institute consists of a broad range of subjects that are classified into several faculties.

Is Masters cheaper in UK or Canada? ›

Coming to the discussion of Canada or UK, which is better for masters, Canadian universities are slightly cheaper in terms of tuition fees.

How much percentage is required for Masters in Canada? ›

For each course, whether UG or Master's, Indian students will need to meet a minimum English language requirement. The minimum percentage required for studying in Canada is 65% and above for the humanities stream in class XII, and 70 - 80% and above for Science/Commerce stream in class XII.

Which MS course is best in Canada? ›

Which masters should I do in Canada? Some of the most popular courses in Canada for masters are MBA, Engineering, Nursing, Psychology, International Relations, Data Science, Management, Agriculture and Environmental Sciences.

How much bank balance is required for Canada? ›

Is proof of funds required for a Canadian work permit? A valid job offer, which is required for a work permit, should include your salary. This may be considered a proof of your financials. However, to be on the safe side, its good to show at least 3000 CAD on your bank statement, as the initial settlement funds.

Can I study in Canada with less money? ›

If you want to study in Canada for free, you can either opt for a university with low tuition fees or get a part-time job. Another way to reduce your expenses is by getting a scholarship. There are several organizations and institutes that offer different types of scholarships to international students.

Can a poor student study abroad? ›

Answer: Yes it is possible to study abroad even if you don't have so good grades. Language schools abroad accept students on any level, and there are also other schools like American Community Colleges that accept students with lower grades.

Which region in Canada is best for international students? ›

Ontario, which is home to the major cities of Toronto and Ottawa, as well as the under-rated Kitchener and the Niagara Falls region, is easily the most popular province for international students. Indeed, just under 50% of all international students in Canada are based there.

Is Canada or UK PR better? ›

Canada welcomes more and more immigrant students to stay and work there. This country allows students to apply for PR when they are on PGWP. This country also allows PR visa holders to bring their families with them. So, securing a permanent residence visa in Canada is more profitable and straightforward.

Is it better to work in Canada or UK? ›

Better Job Outlook: Both the United Kingdom and Canada provide incredible chances for foreign employees to advance their careers, however Canada provides more options in specific industries than the United Kingdom. The unemployment level in Canada is now at 7.5 percent, the lowest level since January 2020.

Which country is better for job opportunities UK or Canada? ›

Both the U.K. and Canada provide exceptional chances for foreign employees to advance their careers, however, Canada offers more options in some industries than the U.K. The unemployment rate in Canada is at 7.5%, which is the lowest level since February 2020.


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