Guild Wars 2 Best EoD Open World Builds For Each Class (2022)

Guild Wars 2 Best EoD Open World Builds For Each Class | GW2 EoD Solo Class & Build Tier List 2022

6/23/2022 4:41:03 PM

End of Dragons opened up a whole new area for you to explore in Guild Wars 2 and one of the things that really adds to the immersion of the world of Tyria that we saw in heart of thorns is a sense of danger. So in this guide, we break down the best solo builds for each class you can use to enjoy an easier adventure in the Open World of Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons.

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Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Best Solo Builds for Each Class

In Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons, there are challenging meta events that apparently people are struggling to complete. The issue is that most players don't run builds optimized for open world content. They often run extremely glass cannon builds where they expect to be supported by other players, but they're solo and die, or they play their WvW roaming build and might have good burst damage and survivability but low overall damage. This is why we've been theorycrafting one open world build for all of the 9 new elite specializations so you all can try out the new classes while still having the self-sufficiency to survive but also the presence to contribute, and of course, all of these builds prioritize some kind of fun mechanic because after all that's the true end goal.

1. Bladesworn Warrior

Bladesworn relies on landing Dragon Slashes for damage and that's usually it. The large scaling on dragon slash is insane, but often it doesn't crit so we went for Arms just to get the 100% crit chance which removes those feel bad moments where you've charged up the skill but it doesn't crit. Then in strength we have might makes right which combined with the Unyielding Dragon trait will heal you up during your dragon slash charge. But a build that relies mostly on an 8-second cooldown can be rather uninteractive, which is why you should slot a frenzy sigil on your greatsword. Frenzy sigil reduces all equipped cooldowns on kill. Dragon slash is usually going to kill the target, so every dragon slash that kills a target will be lower the cooldown, allowing you to chain those kills more often, and reduce the downtime between those sweet dopamine rushes.

2. Willbender Guardian

This is a simple build with full damage traits, Zeal and Radiance, you want to upkeep resolution and fury because that gives you most of your crit chance allowing you to take the dragon stats for big burst damage, and you get resolution and fury from your symbols as well as successfully blocking with aegis, and you have plenty of aegis from crashing courage and advance. These blocks along with the focus blocks will also heal you with defender rune so you can go absolutely nuts aggressive but then well-timed blocks that have no cast time can keep you alive. Also make sure to use your virtues often to constantly reduce your weapon skill cooldowns, just don't overwrite the courage buff since it's the most important.

3. Vindicator Revenant

Vindicator has access to tons of boons if you take the imperial dodge, we know the death drop does tons more damage, but its just on dodge and with the boon extension, protection and might from the imperial dodge you can sustain in fights way longer. You want to go for Dragon stats and roiling mists to maximize your burst potential, then you get swiftness on swapping to the agility sigil, fury and regeneration from swapping legends, quickness from scavenger burst or phase traversal, then might and protection from dodging. So essentially to upkeep all these boons you just swap weapons, swap legends, and dodge as often as possible, then just fill in the gaps with scavenger bursts and phase traversal, and swap to Kurzick stance if you need more sustain.

4. Specter Thief

Specter is a monster for open world single target damage. Much of the sustain is just built into the spec so long as you have vitality, so we take the

ritualist stats in case i want to support allies, but trailblazer works too for even more selfish sustain. Take Scepter pistol with all the torment traits and just spam the 3 skill to generate shroud as fast as possible, then enter into shroud when initiative is depleted and leave shroud after spamming all your skills, repeat. That will heal you plenty to survive most situations, even ones you really shouldn't be in. But this process is a bit slow for smaller mobs, so we take sleight of hand with a celerity sigil and the haste utility for high quickness uptime to speed up the process.

5. Mechanist Engineer

Mechanist goes full berserker to give as many aggressive stats to the mech as possible, then goes tools for lower cooldowns on the mech abilities and explosives for the big damage synergy traits that are given to the mech since the jade dynamo trait allows the mech to trigger them as well. Then you just let the mech do all the work and tank for you while you sit back and shoot rifle shots and grenades from afar. However, the mech is really the protagonist here and you should be tanking for them, so take the golemancer runes for a 2nd mech that will tank for your mech. Job done.

6. Untamed Ranger

The bunny thumper untamed build uses all of the CC skills possible like spike trap, hilt bash, and spores in combination with the trait that reduces all cooldowns by 4 seconds whenever you disable a target to just spam skills with the quickness gained on disabling when you are unleashed. In greatsword you can alternate between Maul and any CC skill to keep spamming out mauls, and then when you run out of CCs you swap to hammer and use both the CCs while your pet is unleashed on hammer 3 and 5, then swap yourself to be unleashed again and use the ambush skill and the 2 skill, then you can swap back to greatsword and continue alternating between maul and all your CCs. The base health of untamed combined with durability runes and marauder gear gives you a lot of health and the constantly reduced recharges also allow you to use your defensive skills more often. One cool trick is that you can use the lightning wyverns lightning field with your greatsword 3 swoop to get a dazing leap which will also count as a CC.

7. Virtuoso Mesmer

Virtuoso has the potential for the best synergy with celestial gear because there are so many traits that transfer one stat into another as well as the great hybrid synergy of the dueling, illusions, and virtuoso traitlines. Stocking blades is quick because dealing bleeds gives you blades to shatter the F2, but then the F2 is a blade that bleeds, giving you more blades, so the more blades you stock, the more blades you can stock. This feedback loop means an aggressive playstyle can be very bursty and a lot of fun. Use the Dagger/Pistol set to set up combos with the F2 and pistol 4 then shatter the F1 after, and if your shatters are on cooldown or you are pressured go into the scepter torch to kite and get to a safe distance. There isn't much healing, but the ether feast heal does give around 9k healing if you use it with full blades stocked.

8. Catalyst Elementalist

This hammer catalyst build can be difficult to get used to, but it has really high damage and synergy with the elemental empowerment that increases your stats incredibly, and you get this by doing combos or disabling enemies. You'd survive mostly through the long-term sustain of signet of restoration and attunement swapping but can also use the water 4 and 5 in the water jade sphere as well as the elite glyph in water attunement for a big burst heal. Catalyst is all about combo finishers and fields and it can be hard to time these together which is why the arcane utilities arcane blast and arcane wave are nice because they're instant cast finishers that you can combine with your jade sphere. The hammer skills also can be overwhelming to understand what each and every skill does, so we will detail a very simplified rotation here.

You want to always use the 2 skills at the end of your attunement so that you swap during their cast times since they are longer casts. Always use your 5 or 4 skill in the jade sphere because those are combos, and if you don't have a combo then fill the gap with an arcane skill to get auras. Always tap the 3 skill when you get into an attunement to keep the orbs rotating around you, use the 3 skill again when you have all 4 rotating orbs around you. Prioritize the jade sphere when in air and earth attunement for quickness and protection, and prioritize using arcane skills while in earth attunement because the immobilizes will count towards your elemental empowerment generation.

9. Harbinger Necromancer

So if you thought Elementalist was a bit difficult, here is a harbinger build that uses all minions. The idea is as simple as it gets, you stay in harbinger shroud which gives quickness to nearby allies so you just buff up your minions and spam skills while the minions lifesteal for you with the quickness. You may have more minions than you can give quickness to, but you can constantly blast the bone minions for more life force anyway. Other than that just make sure the minions are up and you're in shroud, don't overthink it because then you're missing the point of minion necro.

And with that all 9 classes with open-world builds are available for you to go out and explore Cantha, and remember that you can change these how you like, other things may work better for you.

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