Guild Wars 2 Best DPS Tier List (2023)

The DPS Meta in Guild Wars 2 changed a lot throughout the years, especially with the releases of new expansions and their elite specializations.

However, there are some all-stars that never faded out. And probably won’t fade out in the near future.

Bear in mind that this Tier may be subject to change as ArenaNet releases new updates and balance patches.

S tier

The S tier is where the Supreme professions are. These are the best of the best.


The almighty weaver sits on the throne along with other S tier damagers. This class offers one of the highest DPS while sacrificing a lot of sustainability and HP.


The versatile king. Mostly played as a shortbow condition DPS (it also has a support role). This superstar is incredible. It has very high DPS as well as high sustainability.

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The highest single target damage dealer in the game, period. Nothing else to say about this one, really. Perhaps only that it lacks any sort of cleave, so it really is a niche class for single target damage.


The weaver’s sibling. This is a powerhouse, usually focused on Power damage rather than Condi (as Weaver mostly is). It shares the weakness of its sibling.

A tier

This is considered to be the top, right after the S tier. While only the best belong to the A tier, these are not quite as exceptional as those in the S tier.

Make no mistake, these are certainly very capable and polished professions.


Usually played with longbow and greatsword, Dragonhunter is a great damage dealer, capable of doing both melee and ranged DPS.


A significant boost to the core Ranger, Soulbeast is really quite the beast when it comes to damage. Not as Supreme tier as it once was, though. Still, really epic.


A staff-wielding Thief. This is a HUGE step up from the core Thief, making it very simple to use as well as very efficient damage-wise.


The saving grace for all Engineers when it comes to damage. It used to be a superstar in the S tier, several nerfs brought it down to earth, though. It’s still a great pick for DPS.


Usually played as a Condi DPS, Mirages have a great damage potential. Additionally, they can cause a lot of confusion and daze, which helps them deal even more damage.

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B tier

A pretty good tier. These are considered damage professions, however, they usually need a little bit of extra support to rival those top ones in the A or S tier.


While Spellbreakers are very good damage dealers, their real strength lies in their ability to reflect and block incoming attacks. It once was a star, now it is surpassed by others.


While being very effective at Condi DPS, especially through the use of burning, it is a hybrid between a Support/Healer role and a DPS role. Still, it is a great choice for a DPS.

Ranger (Core)

Perhaps one of the highest hitting core professions out there, maybe only surpassed by core Elementalist. Even though it might seem a bit dated it still packs a punch.


Scourge is what it is. It is great at widespread AoE Condi damage. However, it really shines as a Support/Healer role.


When it comes to pure raw DPS, Reaper might not be the best. Although it most certainly is the best at sustainability, so even though there are higher hitting professions out there, Reaper will most certainly outperform them in terms of survivability… while still dealing a lot of Power damage.

Elementalist (Core)

The strongest DPS when it comes to core professions. However, It is itself, like every other Elementalist, very prone to damage. So you can call this a true glass cannon.


A very well done elite profession, focusing on the manipulation of time. It is to this day one of the best Support roles. You can pick it as a DPS class anyway as it is really good at dealing damage, too. Just don’t be surprised if you find your party members frowning once they realise you are running DPS and you won’t rain that quickness all over them.


Still a good damage dealer, especially with its burst skills. Usually, Berserkers are played more in the style of Condi damage these days, however, Power is also a viable option. Don’t forget to go Berserk as much as you can.

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C tier

Somewhat mediocre damage. While they are not bad, they are not exceptionally high damagers either. However, if you are left with no choice, they can do the job.

Warrior (Core)

Oh yes, who would have thought. While it still is a great Supporter with its banners, it does not shine in the DPS department like it used to. The era of Phalanx Strength Warrior builds is long gone and so is the warrior’s true damage potential.

Guardian (Core)

While not bad at damage dealing, core Guardians are going to have a hard time fitting in groups as a DPS these days. Especially when both of the elite specs are highly renowned for their performance, many are going to shake their heads when they see you join as a core Guardian. Unless you are playing F2P, in which case it is still a very decent choice.


The thing about DPS Herald is that it never really was outstanding at DPS. I mean, it is okay, just not that good. It does okay damage, however, compared to the other elite specialization, the Renegade, this one is in the shadows. Still a great permanent Support, though.

Mesmer (Core)

The core Mesmer is kind of “meh” when it comes to DPS these days. It never really shined, though it may still do the job just okay if you need it to.

D tier

Lacking in performance when it comes to DPS. These classes are generally not recommended when one aims to deal a lot of damage.

Revenant (Core)

Quite underwhelming in terms of actual damage. Not terribly, not great either. I guess it could fight its way to the C tier, however, since it is a premium profession and you have access to an elite spec anyway, just go with either of those (Renegade being highly preferable). For that reason, we think it belongs to the D tier.

Thief (Core)

While quite the master of subterfuge and stealth, this core profession is quite lacking in terms of actual DPS. Sure, it looks cool and their stunts are full of action, however, when you see the hit splats, you might be disappointed.

Engineer (Core)

Sadly, it once was better. Or maybe that is just because the perspective has now been shifted as we get more and more elite specs. Core engineer is actually not terrible when it comes to DPS, it is just a bit too difficult to pull off for the amount of actual damage you can deal.

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A slightly better version of the core Engineer with a bit more use given its gyro skills and the Hammer. Otherwise, it’s pretty much the same story when it comes to damage.

Necro (Core)

Listen, necro was never a big hit. At the times before the expansions (and elite specs), necro was a child left behind. It was kind of okay then, now with the release of Scourge and Reaper, it is kind of behind. You might get some decent AoE Condi DPS if you try hard enough, so it still is nice for F2P. However, as soon as you get any expansion, go for the elite spec. Either of them. Scourge for Condi and Reaper for Power DPS.

E tier

Completely incapable of any reasonable DPS, reserved only for out-of-place professions.

Usually excel at a different role, such as support or healing. They are simply not the damager bunch.


Anyone who knows a little about this elite profession knows it is the best. Healer. EVER.

However, it is the complete opposite when it comes to damage. Anyone who has a Druid DPS build is either utterly inexperienced, trolling or simply like the idea of very hard gameplay. Or rather very long, since it takes ages to kill anything.


So that’s it. This is our tier list for Guild Wars 2 DPS professions.

Do you agree with our list? Was it what you expected?

Let us know in the comments.

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What is acceptable DPS gw2? ›

10-12k DPS minimum is enough to clear pretty much everything. Good DPS for endgame and a decent ballpark to aim for is 20k or more.

How is DPS calculated gw2? ›

GW2 - How to test your own DPS in game - No Addons Needed

What is the best class in Guild Wars 2? ›

Which Guild Wars 2 Classes Are The Best Solo?
  1. 1 Necromancer. While some players have changed their tune a bit, most players agree that playing as a Necromancer is a choice you won't regret.
  2. 2 Revenant. ...
  3. 3 Mesmer. ...
  4. 4 Thief. ...
  5. 5 Elementalist. ...
  6. 6 Ranger. ...
  7. 7 Warrior. ...
  8. 8 Engineer. ...
May 24, 2022

What is the weakest class in Guild Wars 2? ›

Mesmer and warrior are the weakest links.

Is Elementalist good in gw2? ›

Elementalist is still very viable in almost any gamemode. Sadly it is condensed down to fireweaver and support tempest. Fireweaver with sword/focus is one of the strongest builds atm. Freshair sceptre can be viable aswell but you need to be really good.

Is Ranger a good class gw2? ›

Rangers are decent in every mode - great in Fractals and open world. They fluctuate in PvP but almost always have access to an above-average build and can perform well if you're good at them. Guardians are kind of Anet's pet - they have had a build that's meta in every game mode for as long as I can remember.

What is the best race for necromancer in Guild Wars 2? ›

Sylvari female. It's pretty and take root is the only viable elite racial for condi builds.

What weapons can engineers use in gw2? ›

Utility skill typesEdit

There are seven Engineering Kits available: the Med Kit, the Bomb Kit, the Grenade Kit, the Flamethrower, the Elixir Gun, the Tool Kit, and the Elite Mortar Kit.


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