Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best (2023)

Torchlight 2 is a fantastic Diablo-style clone that shoots for simplicity and straightforward brawling while not being afraid to get a bit light-hearted at times. In this fantasy world, the player is charged with hunting down a former hero, the Alchemist, who has developed an unhealthy obsession with a mysterious substance called Ember.

There are four classes to be found in Torchlight 2, Outlander, Embermage, Berserker, and Engineer. Each has its own unique playstyle and key advantages to dominate in combat. While there are pros and cons to be considered for each class, there is one considered to be the most powerful and one that players will largely struggle with.

Updated September 28, 2021 by Erik Petrovich: The four classes of the ARPG Torchlight 2 are varied enough for each to have its own identity that doesn't step on the toes of any other. The Berserker plays as a typical barbarian-type fighter, the Embermage is a classic mage, the Outlander is a magic-wielding rogue, and the Engineer plays as a tank-summoner hybrid. Each of the classes has its own lore surrounding it, deepening the player's connection to the world of Torchlight 2 through their characters. Though the game is relatively balanced between classes, some are much easier to learn than others and therefore serve as more popular choices for new players, though the more difficult classes have their upsides too.

4 The Berserker Class

Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best (1)
  • Playstyle: Melee bruiser that likes to get into no-holds-barred brawls
  • Group Role: Damage
  • Difficulty: Difficult, thanks to low health pool

The Berserker class in Torchlight 2 is comparable to barbarians, fighters, and other melee classes in the classic RPG archetypes. They have little lore surrounding them, compared to other classes, and are described simply as wandering warriors who seek treasure, combat, and glory across the world.

They aren't just limited to melee attacks, though, and have the ability to summon animal spirits alongside them to help mitigate the weaknesses of the class – mainly, their ability to take on very few enemies at one time.

Strengths of the Berserker Class

Arguably the Berseker is the weakest class in the game, which is unfortunate considering how fun it is to be a Berserker. These mad barbarians dish out a ton of damage and thrive on crazy acrobatic strikes meant to pummel their enemies into submission. It’s not an uncommon sight to see Barbarians diving into the fray with wild attacks.

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They also possess a number of helpful skills and passives to siphon health from opponents, twirl into a group of enemies, and tap into their inner beast to wreak havoc on their opponents.

Downsides of the Berserker Class

The downside to the Berserker is that they’re one-track-minded fighters. They have very few skills to deal area of attack damage and rely on single target attacks. This means that while your Berserker packs a punch, they’ll largely only deal it to one opponent at a time. The downside to this method of fighting is that they lack the Vitality to take the punches.

Their health siphoning can help, but largely their strategy in battle is to out damage their opponent. This can get complicated in large groups or against bosses, which is pretty much what you’ll be doing almost all of the time. It’s a fun class, but you’ll find yourself dying a lot if you get too distracted by cutting through your foes and not paying attention to your rapidly dropping health bar.

3 The Embermage Class

Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best (2)
  • Playstyle: Stay at a range to deal massive damage with a reliance on mana
  • Group Role: DPS and Crowd Control
  • Difficulty: Beginner-Friendly

The Embermage class in Torchlight 2 is the game's version of a classic sorcerer with a bit of that Torchlight 2 flair that makes the game so unique. With access to fire, frost, and lightning abilities, they command the battlefield with their spells in both an AoE and single-target capacity.

In-game, Embermages are a rare breed, as it were, with few people able to utilize the wrath of such a deadly skillset effectively. They start with relatively low health (and don't do much melee damage) and rely on mana, but they make up for it by being one of the hardest-hitting classes in the game.

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Strengths of the Embermage Class

Embermages are heavy hitters from afar, casting large elemental attacks to incinerate, freeze, and shock their enemies. They have good DPS and, unlike the Berserker, don’t have to be in the thick of things to get their attacks out. Embermages have a few powerful spells that do incredible damage to groups, bosses or even both.

They’re considered the easiest class to play as the player needs to focus solely on damage output and avoiding the enemy. Their weapon is largely irrelevant and only serves to augment their spells even further by having a high attack. One of the best guilty pleasures in this game is to wade into battle with Shocking Burst maxed out and watch opponents literally fly apart as the electrical bolts strike their bodies.

Downsides of the Embermage Class

The reason the Embermage is easy to play is because it’s simple. Learn a powerful spell and spam it until your mana pool runs out, there’s not much to it and as a result, this style of play can get fairly boring very quickly. Sure, Shocking Burst is fun on the first level of enemies or so, but a couple of layers in and it’ll lose its charm.

The reason the Embermage doesn’t rank higher is because the magic-user is a beast so long as they have mana; once the blue orb is drained they’re little more than a well-trained peasant. After your mana runs out you’ll be dodging attacks and doing the best you can with whatever useless weapon you’re wielding until the mana regenerates and you’re back to spamming spells.

2 The Outlander Class

Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best (3)
  • Playstyle: Ranged and Melee prowess with a little magic thrown in there too
  • Group Role: Damage and Crowd Control
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The Outlander class in Torchlight 2 is comparable to the rogue or thief archetype of most RPGs, though it goes a lot deeper than simple stealth and hidden blades. Outlanders have the unique Glaive weapon tied into many of their abilities in the Warfare, Lore, and Sigil trees, and are described as outlaws in search of ancient lore and forgotten artifacts.

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If they are to be compared to anything accurately, Outlanders could be compared to Corvo, the assassin from the Dishonored series who uses dark magic alongside martial weaponry to take down opponents through both subterfuge and in-your-face combat. The major downside of this class is that it has the lowest health of any class in Torchlight 2.

Strengths of the Outlander Class

The Outlander is the gun/bow wielder of the group. Unlike the Embermage, they remain dangerous at all times whether they have mana or not. Outlanders are skilled manipulators possessing numerous crowd control abilities to keep enemies locked down, slowed, or outright stunned.

The name of the game is status effects and Outlanders are masters at it. Your opponents will have a hard time chasing you down to get a hit when you can slow their movement speed, freeze them in place, and drop spells that effectively act as traps if they follow in your footsteps. Just be glad you never go up against an Outlander in this game and enjoy dishing out the pain.

Downsides Of the Outlander Class

Unfortunately, the reason Outlanders are master manipulators is that they have to be. They’re glass cannons in every sense of the phrase, and their health pool and defenses are worse than Berserkers. Their survival requires being constantly on the move, controlling the movements of the enemy, and skirting boss attacks.

As a result, they’re one of the hardest classes to play because they require almost constant micromanagement. Lose attention for a few seconds and your Outlander is dead, no question. If you enjoy the kind of gameplay that would be appealing to a Starcraft world champion then go for it, but if you don’t enjoy the constant attention and potion guzzling that these characters require, you’re better off looking elsewhere.

1 The Engineer Class

  • Playstyle: Varies - can be Ranged, Melee, or Summon-oriented
  • Group Role: Tank and Damage
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

The Engineer class in Torchlight 2 is widely considered to be the best class in the game, though they aren't without their downsides. Engineers have the most developed and concrete lore surrounding them, being described as technological masters serving the Empire, sent to the world of Torchlight 2 to open up the new frontier.

They play as a combination of an artificer and a templar, with many tech-oriented skills in the Blitz and Construction skill trees as well as shields and defensive skills in the Aegis tree.

Strengths of the Engineer Class

The Engineers are considered the most powerful class in the game by far and for good reason. These brutes are heavy hitters who can take a beating. They represent the tank class in every sense of the word with thick armor, a deep health pool, and a large weapon they can bludgeon their enemies with.

They also provide a lot of versatility in terms of how to fight and deploy spells. You can play a more melee role with the magic augmenting attacks, ranged with more AOE skills, or the necromancer type with robotic minions and exploding spiders to become a one-person army. This is an easy and adaptable class to pick up.

Downsides of the Engineer Class

The major downside to the Engineer is it's a sluggish class. That armor weighs them down so their movement speed is slow, their attacks are slow, pretty much everything they do is done slowly. If you’ve been playing a class like Outlander before switching to these behemoths you’re going to rage for a while before you get used to how slow they are.

It’s a good thing they’re so tanky because they’ll take quite a beating before they leisurely lift their wrench up to deliver a solid whomp on their enemies. They’re great for bosses, but groups will be really annoying if you don’t have a good AOE maxed out.

Torchlight 2 is available for PC, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best? ›

Each of the classes has its own lore surrounding it, deepening the player's connection to the world of Torchlight 2 through their characters.
Every Class In Torchlight 2 Ranked From Worst To Best
  1. 1 The Engineer Class.
  2. 2 The Outlander Class. ...
  3. 3 The Embermage Class. ...
  4. 4 The Berserker Class. ...
Sep 30, 2021

What is the max level in Torchlight 2? ›

Each character begins with 40 points assigned and gains 5 stat points to allocate each time they level up. The maximum character level is 100, providing 495 discretionary points in total.

Which is better Torchlight or Diablo? ›

Playing both games, it's this that separates them most, in the most general sense. Torchlight 2 gives you a lot of freedom, and while it doesn't have the level of polish and sheer developmental /power/ that Blizzard have brought to bear on Diablo 3, it gives you a lot more credit for being an autonomous human being.

Do pets matter in Torchlight 2? ›

The choice of pet is purely aesthetic, all the stats are the same. The best way to improve your pet is to feeding it by fishing, so you transform the pet into different types of creature with unique abilities.

How do I respec my character in Torchlight 2? ›

How to Respec Your Character Skills Without Being Flagged for Cheats

How long does it take to beat Torchlight 2? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Torchlight II is about 20½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 74 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What does fame give you in Torchlight 2? ›

Fame is a metric gained through completing Quests and defeating Bosses and Champions. Every level of Fame you increase grants you an additional Skill Point.

Can you play Torchlight 2 solo? ›

Torchlight II is fast, fun, and filled to the brim with action and loot. Adventure solo or form a party online with your friends.

Can you play Torchlight 2 offline? ›

Unlike Diablo 3 and other current action RPGs, Torchlight 2 can be played offline and does not have an always-online requirement.

Will Diablo Immortal be pay to win? ›

Make no mistake: “Diablo Immortal” is a pay-to-win game, in that players can spend money to increase their power relative to other players, something that the previous three games had not done.

Can you respec all skills in Torchlight 2? ›

There is absolutely no way to respec stat points in Torchlight 2. Whether you can respec skill points is another matter, but not that much of one: you can only respec the last three skill points you spent. Any of the previous points you've spent are permanent.

How do I open the console in Torchlight 2? ›

To open the console in game, press the insert key.

How do you respec in Torchlight 3? ›

To actually respec your character once you have found a Respectacle, simply go over to the consumables tab in your menu, select the Respectacle item, and use it. Once it's consumed, the Respectacle will give you points that can in turn be used to switch your skills around.

What is the max Fame level in Torchlight? ›

The achievement unlocks when you reach level 33 fame (though the maximum level of fame is actually level 55).

How many skill points can you get in Torchlight 2? ›

A character may have 100 skill points from leveling, and an additional 32 from fame levels for a total of 132. That breaks down into 8 skills with 15 ranks and 12 points to distribute elsewhere or 26 groups of 5 points with 2 to spare.

What is max level in Torchlight 3? ›

Torchlight 3's leveling system is capped at 60, and the player can gain XP with the RPG standbys: completing quests and killing both bosses and regular monsters.

How many acts does Torchlight 2 have? ›

Acts. Torchlight II is divided into four major acts, each featuring a hub town and large overland areas as well as dungeons.


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