Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (2023)

Build Introduction

Welcome to a brand new Cyberpunk 2077 Build called the Engineer – a shot-gun toting, grenade chucking tech weapon specialist. This build takes a dynamic approach to combat, focusing on face melting up front damage, mobility, weaving in and out of cover and creating opportunities for ourselves with an unpredictable arsenal of grenades and wall-piercing rounds and smart homing technology. Needless to say this build is a beast in all encounters and an absolute blast to play. In this video we’ll cover everything you need to know to make it work including the primary attributes, best weapons, armor, cyberware, and all the best perks you you’ll want, so let’s get started.

Starting Attributes

Alright, first let’s talking starting attributes. Our primary focuses on this build as I mentioned are going to be Shotguns, Tech Weapons and Grenades. To power our shotguns early, we’ll want 6 total points into the Body attribute. This of course powers the Annihilation Skill Tree which improves our skill with Shotguns. The next primary attribute we’ll want to invest in is Technical Ability which will power both our Engineering and Crafting Skill Trees which will be very important as well – so 6 total points here. Your final starting attribute point is up to you but I recommend putting that last point into Reflexes for a few reasons. First, pistols and rifles are fairly common early on in the game – more so than shotguns – so this will help make the build more flexible early on. And second, there is a unique Perk in the Blades Skill Tree which will help empower this build even more – we’ll go over all that in the Perks section later on.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (1)

Suggested Starting Stats.

11 missable iconic weapons

11 missable iconic weapons

Attribute Progression

You’ll earn 49 additional Attribute points throughout your journey to level 50 in Cyberpunk 2077. The recommended distribution for The Engineer Build is as follows:

Body: 20 (+14)
Reflexes: 4
Tech: 20 (+14)
Int: 7 (+4)
Cool: 20 (+17)

Life Path

For Lifepath I decided to play my Engineer as a junker or a tinkerer – basically someone whos able to put together any kind tech with his bare hands and whatever spare parts he’s able to find lying around. For me, Nomad made the most sense for the type of character I wanted to build, and some of the Lifepath specific dialog choices actually did fit with this theme so I do recommend it if that’s the theme you’re going for as well.

(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 Builds: Tech Engineer (Tech Weapons) Character Guide Weapons Perks

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (2)

Starting as a Nomad does give you access to some unique Tech / Engineering themed dialog options.

Weapons And Gear

Let’s talk Weapons and Gear next.

First of all, this build is focused on Shotguns, two types specifically that you’ll want on hand at all times and you’ll switch between depending on the situation. Number one is going to be the Satara Double Barrel Tech Shotgun. This thing packs a punch and obviously because of the Tech focus can even punch through walls and other types of cover. This is fantastic for first starting out a fight to disable the enemies nearest to you.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (3)

Next up is the Palica, Smart Double Barrel Shotgun. This is quite different from our Tech Shotgun in that the rounds do not penetrate walls in this case but can home in on a target if you aim close enough. So with Palica, we don’t need perfect aim and we can actually shoot around corners just a bit to land quick bursts of damage without making our self vulnerable to attack.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (4)

Finally, it’s not a Shotgun, but I do want to recommend one of my very favorite tech weapons early in the game as a backup weapon for this build – that being the Lizzie Tech Pistol – an iconic Weapon recovered from Judy’s basement. This has an insane rate of fire, can apply the burn burn status effect and can also penetrate cover just like the Satara. So this is a great option while you’re looking for your shotguns or also as a finisher or longer range option on the build.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (5)

Next let’s talk about Grenades. Cyberpunk 2077 has loads of options for Grenades which makes this build very fun to play as well. From anti-personnel laser bombs, to incendiary, to EMP (great for dealing with mechanical targets), basic frag grenades, poison grenades, recon grenades and flashbangs – there’s so much to choose from. Remember also that there are multiple grenade applications such sticky and homing sub-types for each of the grenades I mentioned. Those sticky are especially nasty against crowds of enemies in tight spaces. Typically though I will just go with a basic frag grenade, because they get the job done and they are also very cheap and easy to craft.

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (6)

Some of the possible Grenade types that will help this build.

Speaking of crafting we will want some investment in the Crafting Skill Tree because we want to manufacture all of our own Grenades and ammo when possible. This means with enough components you’ll never run out of the supplies you need. For example, basic Frag Grenades can be easily crafted with just a few Common components. The same thing goes for our shotgun ammo as well. I usually make sure I have about 200+ shells and about 50 or more grenades available at any time because remember you cannot save or craft gear while in active combat.


Moving on to Cyberware next. Some of my favorites options for this build are the more defensive Cyberware items like Dermal Plating – this can be found in all different strengths and rarities that give you higher innate armor rating. Other forms of subdermal armor give you protection from specific status effects like the Fireproof coating which protects you from Burn.

Since we do want to use the Smart Shotgun on this build we’ll also need a Smart Link installed in our hands. This can be found at most Ripperdocs early on and this is what enables that smart targeting feature. You can also get a free version from a side quest in Japantown which I’m using here.

Within the Skeletal System, titanium bones and the Synaptic Signal Optimizer are great options for the increased Carrying Weight and Bonus Health.

Finally, within the Circulatory System the Kerenzikov or any other time altering Cyberware piece is a great option for the extra control and flexibility these offer in combat.

(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 Best Build - Level 50 - Tech Engineer with Technic Pistols

Cyberpunk 2077 Tech Weapon Build – The Engineer (7)

A Smart Link is required in order to use the Smart Shotgun on this build.

Skills And Perks

Moving on to Skills and Perks we have quite a bit to cover in this section involving Annihilation, Athletics, Engineering, Crafting, Cold Blood and more. I’m going to go through what I think are the most important Perks to pick up so you can plan ahead. Keep in mind that this is just what I recommend and you can obviously mix and match the Perks you prefer to suit your playstyle.

Recommended Annihilation Perks

The Annihilation Skill Tree includes all of our Shotgun focused Perks so we will obviously be spending quite a bit of Perk Points here. The most import of these have to do with increased damage, increased Crit Chance and Crit Damage, and reduced Weapon Recoil.

Hail Of BulletsShotguns and Light Machines Guns deal 3% more damage. (3 Ranks)
Pump It, Louder!Reduces recoil of Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 10%. (2 Ranks)
In Your FaceReduces reload time of Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 20%. (2 Ranks)
Dead CenterIncreases damage to torsos by 10%. (2 Ranks)
BloodrushIncreases movement speed in combat by 5% while carrying a Shotgun or Light Machine Gun. (2 Ranks)
BulldozerIncreases Crit Chance with Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 10%.
MongooseIncreases Evasion by 25% while reloading.
Momentum ShiftDefeating an enemy increases movement speed by 10% for 10 seconds. (3 Ranks)
MassacreIncreases Crit Damage with Shotguns and Light Machine Guns by 15%. (3 Ranks)
Burn Baby BurnDoubles the duration of burn.
BiathleteWeapon spread does not increase while moving.
BloodbathDismembering enemies reduces weapon recoil by 50% for 6 seconds.
+1% per Perk level.

Recommended Athletics Perks

The Athletics Skill Tree is focused on physical tasks primarily such as running, jumping, shooting and reloading. Many Perks in this Skill Tree will improve your overall combat experience in Cyberpunk 2077.

Pack MuleIncreases Carrying Capacity by 60.
RegenerationHealth slowly regenerates during combat.
InvincibleIncreases max Health by 10%. (3 Ranks)
True GritIncreases max Stamina by 10%. (3 Ranks)
MultitaskerAllows you to shoot while sprinting, sliding and vaulting.
Divided AttentionAllows you to reload weapons while sprinting, sliding and vaulting.
Like A ButterflyDodging does not drain Stamina.
Cardio CureHealth regenerates 25% faster as you move.
MarathonerSprinting does not drain Stamina.
Dog Of WarIncreases Health regeneration in combat by 15%. (2 Ranks)
Steel ShellIncreases Armor by 10%

Recommended Engineering Perks

The Engineering Skill Tree will vastly improve our overall use of Tech Weapons, Smart Weapons and Grenades.

Blast ShieldingReduces damage taken from explosions by 10%. (3 Ranks)
Mech LooterWhen looting drones, mech and robots, there is a 25% chance of looting a weapon mod or attachment. (3 Ranks)
Can’t Touch ThisGrants immunity to all effects from your own grenades.
GrenadierThe explosion radius of grenades is visible.
ShrapnelAll grenade types deal 20 damage in addition to their normal effects.
BladerunnerIncreases damage to drones, mechs and robots by 20%. (2 Ranks)
Lock And LoadIncreases Smart Weapon reload speed by 5%. (2 Ranks)
Up To 11Allows you to charge Tech Weapons up to 75% capacity. (2 Ranks)
Bigger BoomsGrenades deal 5% more damage. (5 Ranks)
Lightning BoltIncreases Critical Chance with Tech weapons by 3%. (3 Ranks)
TeslaIncreases the charge multiplier for Tech Weapons by 15%. (3 Ranks)
UberchargeFully charged Tech Weapons deal 50% more damage.
Gun WhispererFully charged Tech Weapons do not shoot automatically.
Lickety SplitTech Weapon charge time is reduced by 10%. (2 Ranks)
JackpotEnables grenades to deal Critical Hits.
SuperconductorTech Weapons ignore armor.
RevampIncreases damage from Tech Weapons by 25%. Increases charge damage from all chargeable weapons and cyberware by 10%.
+1% charge damage per Perk level.
(Video) Cyberpunk 2077 Build Guide: Nomad Technician (PENETRATING TECH SNIPER/EXPLOSIVE REVOLVER)

Recommended Cold Blood Perks

The Cold Blood Skill Tree will add to the overall speed, durability and damage of this build. With Cold Blood, the more kills you rack up in combat, the stronger you get!

Cold BloodAfter defeating an enemy, gain Cold Blood for 10 seconds and increase movement speed by 2%. Stacks up to 1 time(s). (3 Ranks)
Will To SurviveIncreases all Resistances by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood.(2 Ranks)
Icy VeinsReduces weapon recoil by 2.5% per stack of Cold Blood. (2 Ranks)
Critical ConditionIncreases duration of Cold Blood by 5 seconds. (2 Ranks)
Defensive ClottingIncreases Armor by 10% per stack of Cold Blood. (2 Ranks)
Rapid BloodflowIncrease Health regeneration inside and outside of combat by 50% per stack of Cold Blood. (2 Ranks)
Coldest BloodIncreases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 1.
Frozen PrecisionIncreases headshot damage by 50%.
Cold And CalculatingLanding a Crit Hit has a 25% chance of applying a stack of Cold Blood.
CoolagulantStacks of Cold Blood are removed one by one, not all at once.
UnbreakableIncreases max stack amount for Cold Blood by 1.
ImmunityWhile Cold Blood is active, you are immune to Bleeding, Poison, Burn and Shock.
MercilessWhile Cold Blood is active, increases Crit Chance by 10% and Crit Damage by 25%.

+1% Crit Chance and +3% Crit Damage per Perk level.

Pros And Cons

Let’s discuss what works well on this build as well as the potential challenges you will face.


Under Pros this build has a lot of damage, like a lot of damage. We also have some mobility as well as tech to help us deal with targets behind cover. This build excels at short and medium range combat and your ability to combine weapons with explosive or other unique types of grenades opens up a lot of interesting playstyles.


In terms of disadvantages keep in mind that you don’t have the best shot range in the game, so dealing with Snipers can be tricky especially in more open locations where you can’t find cover. You will be taking a lot of hits early on in the game as you work to get close enough to enemies so using something with a bit more range like the Lizzie Tech Pistol at least early on can give you some more flexibility.

Combat Tips

Finally, a few additional combat tips before you head out.

1) Use mobility and cover to your advantage on this build. Sprinting and sliding from one cover section to another can be very helpful in closing the distance on targets.

2) Use those Penetrating shots whenever possible. Remember that if the only thing between you and the target is a box or a wall, you can still hit them through that object even though they can’t hit you.

3) Use Grenades to set up combos on your enemies. Sometimes the AI is smart enough to move away when you send out a grenade but you can briefly stagger them with a quick round of shotgun shells. So toss your grenade, shoot to stagger and then watch them blow to pieces.

4) Finally, use angles and walls to bound grenades around cover. With the right Engineering Perks you should be able to see your Grenade’s path before you throw it, allowing you to select the right angle before letting go.

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Are tech weapons good Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Tech weapons are some of the best in CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 — today, we're ranking the best of the iconic selections. Cyberpunk 2077 is not a game that holds you by the hand. The adult nature of the narrative should make it very clear that the target audience needs to be mature.

What is the strongest weapon in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Details: The Malorian Arms 3516 is, hands down, one of the best weapons in Cyberpunk 2077. It's fast, reliable, and as stylish as its former owner. It comes with Ricochet functionality, thermal damage, and Headshot damage multiplier, as well as four mod slots in case you wanted to make it even more powerful.

Can you silence tech weapons Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Even with the tech in 2077 it will not be possible to create a silencer for a sniper rifle (and even assault rifles). The only dumb thing is to create a silencer for an AMR like Overwatch.

What is max level in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Everyone has their limit, and while we don't doubt that there's more than enough content to get you to level 100, the max level cap in Cyberpunk 2077 is level 50.

Do tech weapons benefit from perks? ›

Technical Ability. Technical Ability is the core of this build. Most of the Engineering perks directly benefit the use of Tech weapons. Also, a higher Technical Ability will allow you to craft stronger weapons to add to your arsenal.

Do smart weapons count as tech weapons? ›

Tech weapons are guns that fire projectiles that are capable of penetrating hard surfaces, which means they can be used to attack enemies behind cover. Smart weapons are guns that have homing systems built into them, meaning that their projectiles can follow enemies, guaranteeing a hit.

What's the highest DPS in cyberpunk? ›

Snipers. Snipers are the highest damage dealing weapons Cyberpunk 2077 if your target is at a medium to long-range of distance from you. The rate of fire of these weapons is a tad bit higher than shotguns but slower than SMGs and ARs; however, they deal damage at par with a shotgun weapon.

What gun is Johnny silverhand using? ›

Johnny Silverhand's Malorian Arms 3516 pistol can be obtained during the Chippin' In Side Job. To find Johnny's gun, you will need to defeat the group of Maelstrom gangsters, along with their leader Grayson. Upon defeating Grayson, you'll have the option to pick up his weapon - which turns out to be Johnny's gun.

Can you get Lizzy after automatic love? ›

Getting the Rare Iconic Lizzie Pistol – Cyberpunk 2077

This mission is called “Automatic Love” and is relatively close to the beginning of the game. Unfortunately, there is no way to get this pistol outside the mission.

Do rifle perks affect snipers cyberpunk? ›

Yes, it does.

Are tech weapons silent? ›

Tech weapons use electromagnets to shoot projectiles through walls. These guns are silent, deadly, and precise.

Do silencers work cyberpunk? ›

Silence Your Weapons

The silencer is a tough bullet to bite, but it's one that you must. It reduces damage by quite a bit and that can make it seem prohibitive, but you'll more than make up the damage by getting headshots.

Is it possible to max all attributes Cyberpunk 2077? ›

Given the number of attribute points you're given over the course of an entire playthrough, that means you can only max out 3 attributes to level 20 (which leaves you with 5 points leftover for the two remaining attributes).

Can you unlock every perk in cyberpunk? ›

The Cyberpunk 2077 Level Cap is a great thing to know so you are aware what the limitations are for your Cyberpunk 2077 build, especially as you won't be able to max out every ability or unlock every perk point in a single playthrough.

How many stats can you max in cyberpunk? ›

A single Attribute can be leveled up to a maximum of 20. With only 71 attribute points available on a save file, it is impossible to fully max out all five Attributes on a single character.

Can you find Johnny Silverhands body? ›

Towards the end of the mission, go to the place where they buried Johnny Silverhand's body. This is beyond the city limits. Once you get there, a cutscene triggers in which Johnny a bit about his life in the past.

Can you get Johnny's arm? ›

Apart from the clothing, weapons and cars, players can actually acquire Johnny's arm in Cyberpunk 2077. Players need to complete the main quest "Tapeworm," and then the side quest "Chippin' In".

Can you get Johnny Silverhand's car? ›

IMPORTANT: When you go to take care of Grayson, do not kill him. Instead, spare his life, so that you can take the keys from him. After that, when you take his keys, use them on the shipping container to get Johnny Silverhand's car, the Porsche 911 II 930 Turbo.

Can you get Evelyn's jacket cyberpunk? ›

Also, inside the private lounge, you can head inside the dressing room on the left and you can open the shutters and sneak past the Tyger Claw from the balcony. You'll also find Evelyn's jacket inside the dressing room near the Iconic weapon "Cocktail Stick".

Is the Lizzie pistol missable? ›

It's technically missable, but since it's bright pink, it kind of stands out.

Is Lizzie a good gun cyberpunk? ›

Lizzie is an Iconic Tech Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Lizzie fires an extra round per shot. Furthermore, increases the number of rounds fired when fully charged. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts.

Who can you romance in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

What characters can you romance in Cyberpunk 2077? Though there are a few characters you can end up with in terms of brief intimate encounters, there are only four main romance paths. Those characters include Judy Alvarez, Panam Palmer, River Ward, and Kerry Eurodyne.

Does a sniper count as a rifle cyberpunk? ›

Sniper Rifle is one of the weapon types in Cyberpunk 2077, it is related to Reflexes Attribute and Assault Skill, using sniper ammo. Weapons in Cyberpunk 2077 are widely varied and highly customizable.

Is there Stealth in cyberpunk? ›

Stealth is a Skill in Cyberpunk 2077. Stealth is a skill that is related to the Cool attribute. Skills are but a part of your Character's build and are strictly linked by your Attributes. That means that you can't level a skill higher than your attribute level.

Does Malorian arms count as a tech weapon? ›

The RT-46 Burya and Malorian Arms 3516 are unique in the sense that they are classified as both Power and Tech weapons. They cannot be changed like normal Tech weapons as their shots are automatically fully charged upon firing.

Can a sniper rifle be silenced? ›

But a more significant weapon made a much more quiet appearance: the MTs-116M suppressed sniper rifle. Designed to mask noise and muzzle flash, it's the most advanced version yet of one of the modern battlefield's deadliest weapons. The MTs-116M has been around for twenty years.

Is it possible to fully silence a gun? ›

While using subsonic ammunitions can negate the sonic boom, mechanical noise can be reduced but is nearly impossible to eliminate. For these reasons, it is difficult to completely silence any firearm, or achieve an acceptable level of noise suppression in revolvers.

What are tech weapons in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

This is a list of Tech weapons in the game Cyberpunk 2077.
List of Tech Weapons.
Comrade's HammerRevolver3827-4677
RT-46 BuryaRevolver734-897
DR12 QuasarRevolver163-199
Widow MakerPrecision Rifle62-76
9 more rows
May 16, 2021

How do tech weapons work cyberpunk? ›

Tech weapons fire projectiles that can penetrate walls and other cover that enemies may be hiding behind. These don't require you to have any cyberware installed, all you need to do is charge them up by holding the 'fire' trigger or command input. By charging Tech weapons, you can make the shot deal even more damage.

Are power weapons tech weapons cyberpunk? ›

All the power weapons are viable if you craft them as legendary and fully mod them with damage, but they have nothing on tech weapons.

What are tech weapons? ›

Tech Weapons are guns that charge up, only to release a more powerful shot. Tech weapons can also be fired rapidly if you don't have time to charge on up in the heat of battle.

What is charge multiplier for tech weapons? ›

Effects at Each Level
Level 1Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 15%.
Level 2Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 35%.
Level 3Increases the charge multiplier for Tech weapons by 55%.
Mar 8, 2021

What cyberware do you need for smart weapons? ›

Smart Link is one of the many Cybernetics that you can use in Cyberpunk 2077. This cyberware is necessary for using the Smart weapons that are one of the three main gun categories in the game.

How do Smart guns work? ›

What are smart guns? Smart guns, also known as “personalized firearms,” use technology such as radio frequency identification (RFID) or biometric recognition technology, including fingerprint readers, to prevent unauthorized users from firing the weapon.

Does Malorian arms count as a tech weapon? ›

The RT-46 Burya and Malorian Arms 3516 are unique in the sense that they are classified as both Power and Tech weapons. They cannot be changed like normal Tech weapons as their shots are automatically fully charged upon firing.

What does req mean in cyberpunk? ›

Apr 18, 2021. Yes REQ (Required) with clothes it's only the level. ( Your level is too low to equip it) For the weapons, it's could be level, body skill (or smart weapon implant, but only displayed on the full description)

Is cyberpunk dystopian? ›

Cyberpunk usually features advanced science and technology and is set in an urban, dystopian environment occupied by privatized police, mega-corporations and criminals. Inequality and social unrest are common themes and the 'punk' in cyberpunk manifests itself in a strong anti-authoritarian sentiment.

What guns shoot through walls cyberpunk? ›

Tech weapons can fire through walls. That's their feature. Power weapons ricochet (so you can hit enemies around corners). Smart weapons "lock on" to enemies and let you hit them without having to aim at them.

Where do I get cyberpunk smart weapons? ›

You can buy Smart Link Cyberware from Cyberware shops. You can even get one for free after The Gig side quest. Allows you to use the smart-targeting module in Smart weapons.

How do you get legendary weapons in Cyberpunk 2077? ›

There are 6 main ways to get Legendaries: Dropped by Bosses, Buying them from specific Merchants, from Crafting, from Rewards of completing other game tasks, found in the world, random enemy drops after reaching character level 32.


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