Clear Vinyl Porch Enclosure Panels (2023)

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Screen Porch and Patio Enclosure Options:

Enclose your porch for winter time use, blocking wind, rain, and cold air. We have four options for enclosing your porch to create a warmer more comfortable porch. Temporarily enclosing your porch also allows for regular Spring, Fall and Summertime use of your porch.

Each option offers specific benefits for protecting your screen porch or restaurant patio. We can help you determine the best solution for your porch and budget.

We sell, install, and service Clear Vinyl Porch Panels and Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosure Systems. Choose from manual cord pulley roll-up clear vinyl porch panels, manual worm gear operated clear vinyl roll-up panels with side tracks, motorized retractable clear vinyl panels, or Eze-Breeze four track versatile porch enclosure system.

Unlike paneling a porch with glass windows or walls that create a permanent room that needs to be cooled in summer months, adding clear vinyl curtains allows the homeowner to roll-up curtains up or stow them away in summer.

The purpose of having a porch, patio, or outdoor living room is to experience the joys of nature. Adding a sunroom or permanently enclosing an existing screen porch separates the homeowner from the beautiful outdoors and fresh air. Enjoy nature during warmer months by rolling-up or taking down clear vinyl panels.

Clear vinyl panels are a great option for enclosing a porch or restaurant patio to extend enjoyment past the normal seasonal use. They block cold winter winds, rain, pollen, and protect patio furniture.

Cord Pulley Clear Vinyl Roll-up Panels:

Cord Pulley Clear Vinyl Roll-up Porch Panels

Our Clear Vinyl Cord Pulley Panels are made with a 20 mil soft clear vinyl with Sunbrella surround material at the bottom, top, and along sides. Panels are secured to porch post members with turn screws. Grommets are added to panels’ sides. Turn screws are added to customer’s porch post which secure panels to openings. A simple pulley is added to lift and lower panels. Cord Pulley Clear Vinyl Panels great for porch openings that are ten feet wide or less than ten feet wide. Panels can be installed on screen porches or open porches. You may choose to have us install on the inside of porch or outside of porch.


  • Best price point compared to worm gear operated or motorized clear vinyl roll-up panels
  • Large selection of Sunbrella border material
  • Can be installed on inside of porch for easy roll-up and roll down (in most cases)
  • Year round use
  • Less sticking when rolled up and rolling back down
  • Customer can have us install or DYI
  • Can help DYI customers design simple panels over the phone

Snap-in Clear Vinyl Curtains:

Clear Vinyl Snap-in Panel Clear Vinyl Porch Panels

(Video) Enclosure Panels For a Screen Porch/Clear Vinyl Porch/Porch&Patio Enclosure/Vinyl Porch Panel/Screen

Another simple option for enclosing your screen porch or restaurant patio for wintertime use is our clear vinyl snap-in panels. Panels are made similar to the cord pulley panels with Sunbrella surround material and clear vinyl windows, but they are secured to porch openings with marine snaps. Customers may take panels down during warmer months and stow under a bed or in a basement. This is a good option for smaller porches with shorter openings. Panels can be made to accommodate obtuse openings like Zia Taqueria Restaurant in the photo and screen doors. Clear vinyl panels can be snapped easily to screen doors and taken off during warmer months.

Manual Worm Gear Operated Clear Vinyl Roll-up Panels:

Manual Worm Gear Roll-up Clear Vinyl Panels – Greenville SC

Gear Operated Porch Clear Vinyl Enclosure Panels

(Video) How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Plastic Vinyl - Enclosure Guy

Our clear vinyl worm gear operated panels are secured on the sides with tracks that are mounted to porch post surface or in-jamb. Clear vinyl panels are raised and lowered with a manual worm gear operator. Insert turning handle into eye socket to operate panels. Worm gear operated clear vinyl porch panels are a good option for patios and porches that have spans larger than ten feet wide. Panels can be made up to 19’ wide. Some deflection in weight bar and roller tube are present after 16’, but panels function just as well. This option does not have a cassette cover to hide collected material when rolled-up. We can add a fascia to hide the reel and fabric. The clear vinyl worm gear operated panels are great for keeping out pollen, cold air, and rain on porches and restaurant patios due to side tracks and bottom weight bar that create a seal.


  • Sides seal
  • Lower cost compared to motorized clear vinyl panels
  • Covers larger spans than cord pulley or snap-in clear vinyl panels
  • Less sticking compared to motorized clear vinyl panels
  • Six powder coat colors for side tracks and weight bar
  • Sunbrella border fabric selection
  • Year round use

Motorized Retractable Clear Vinyl Porch Panels:

Motorized Retractable Clear Vinyl Porch Panels for Enclosing a porch.

Fenetex Clear Vinyl Motorized Clear Vinyl Panels for porch protection

Clear Vinyl Motorized Retractable Porch Panels install in Charlotte-NC

(Video) How to Make Snap-On Enclosure Panels for a Screen Porch

Universal motorized retractable clear vinyl porch panels for blocking rain and wind

Our Motorized Retractable Clear Vinyl Panels are powered by SOMFY motors and controlled with a handheld remote, wireless wall switch, or an App on your cell phone. At the touch of a button panels lower creating a seal to keep out cold air, pollen, rain and wind. Clear Vinyl Panels roll-up just as easy out of the way, allowing the homeowner to enjoy fresh air. Motorized Clear Vinyl Retractable Panels are best for Fall, Winter, and Spring time use. They should not be rolled-up wet.

We sell the Universal Clear Vinyl motorized retractable panels that are made in Texas. Universal uses 20 gauge Fenestra clear vinyl windows. Fenestra clear vinyl has minimal shrinkage (1% factor) and high flame standard, making it a great choice for patio enclosures. See California Title 19 Section 1237 (small scale), 0.030standard. Borders are made with choice of Ferrari Satin solid vinyl or Sattler solid vinyl. Ferrari Satin is a high-performing solid vinyl with long-term durability, UV resistance, heat and weather protection, and color retention. Engineered under Serge Ferrari’s Précontraint® process, this material gives excellent structural stability. The polyester material is mildew repellent, heat sealable, and easy to maintain. Panels are secured along sides with side tracks offering seven powder coat color finishes in bronze, white, off-white, brown, black, taupe, and almond. Panels roll-up out of the way into an extruded aluminum powder coated cassette cover.

We also offer the DuraScreen brand that has the dual system option. You may have clear vinyl panels and screen mesh panels that hide-away when not needed and drop effortlessly down when protection from weather or insects is needed. See the dual system in action on our DuraScreen webpage. DuraScreen Clear Vinyl Motorized Panels can be made to cover a 22’ porch span. And up to 14’ tall. Weight bar and side tracks are extruded aluminum in an anodized black finish. DuraScreen units do not have a cassette cover. DuraScreen Systems is located in Jordan, Minnesota.

Our Fenetex brand clear vinyl motorized retractables are manufactured in Florida. Fenetex manufactures their clear vinyl windows with a 30 mil polished soft vinyl and Ferrari Satin solid vinyl material. Fenetex also offers a dual track system which allows for clear vinyl panels to reside in one track and the option of insect mesh or solar mesh in the other. This is great for patio level homes that need easy access to the yard, pool, or lake. Fenetex aluminum tracks, weight bar and cassette covers come in almond, white, black, and bronze powder coated finishes. Fenetex clear vinyl panels can cover a 25’ wide opening.


  • Roll-up at the press of a button
  • Panels seal to keep out pollen, rain, and cold air
  • Beautiful look on all homes
  • A luxury home must have
  • Covers larger porch spans up to 19’ without deflection and 25’ feet with slight deflection of weight bar


  • Panels are wound tightly and stick to themselves during summertime use when heat and humidity are highest
  • Panels should not be rolled up wet; they will stick and not roll back down
  • Clear vinyl is a vulnerable material that clouds when exposed to UV rays and becomes brittle in temperatures below -10 degrees Fahrenheit

Clear vinyl panels are the perfect choice for restaurant and wedding venue owners that have large outdoor eating spaces. Clear vinyl roll-up panels allow you to seat customers outside maximizing occupancy during winter months. Diners and guest can be comfortable inside closed area on patio. Palmetto Outdoor Spaces can take a look at your restaurant patio or wedding venue to determine the best solution for enclosing for wintertime use.

Eze-Breeze Porch Enclosure Systems:

(Video) How to Enclose Your Porch with Clear Vinyl

Eze-Breeze porch enclosure with kick-plate

Eze-Breeze ceiling to floor views porch enclosure

Eze-Breeze porch enclosure with transom windows

Eze-Breeze porch enclosure systems create a four season room. The four track sliding panels offer 75% ventilation when clear vinyl panels are collected at the top or bottom of porch openings. Panels are light weight and easily slide up and down. They can be removed for storage leaving 100% screened panel in place or removed for cleaning.

Panels are made with a tough 10-mil vinyl that protects your porch from rain, wind, cold air, and pollen. You may choose from clear, smoke gray, bronze, or dark gray vinyl panels. Frame colors are white, bronze, and beige. Panels hold up well in windy conditions, but should be removed if wind speeds exceed 65 mph.

Vinyl movable panels are located on the inside of porch for easy access and screen mesh panel on the outside. Eze-Breeze panels are made to order to ensure the perfect fit on your porch. Openings are framed to accommodate the custom made to fit panels. Measurements are taken upon completion of framing and windows are ordered. Expect delivery of your Eze-Breeze Porch Windows in about three weeks.

Get floor to ceiling views or choose a kick-plate option at your desired height. Transom windows can be added to fill porch openings taller than 110”. Windows come in maximum 54” wide. Aluminum 2 x 2 or 2 x 3 framing is added between window panels. A Palmetto Outdoor Spaces Eze-Breeze expert can help you determine which option and window sizes are best for your porch.

Eze-Breeze also offers horizontal sliding panels that give you 50% ventilation. Vinyl panels slide left or right opening the porch to screened panel.

Customers may choose a vertical four track style door or a fixed lite style door. Sizes ranging from 30”, 32”, 36”, or 42” wide. Standard door heights are 8’ tall with custom heights available.

We can email a brochure with more information. Send us a note through our contact page.

(Video) Clear Vinyl Enclosure Installation


  • Convenient clear vinyl and screen in one system
  • Use porch year round keeping out insects, wind, rain, cold air, and pollen
  • Easy to operate panels
  • Easy to clean
  • Floor to ceiling views and ventilation
  • Choice of Cabana door with solid panel or sliders

Call today to schedule a free in home design consultation and measure!

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