21 Places To Get Keys Made Near You! (2023)

My 3 year old, Bryan, thinks it fun to hide momma’s keys! Not fun! It is worse when I am tired and stressed out from the day’s work and then I make the unpleasant discovery that my keys are gone…argh!!! Nevertheless, I can’t cry all day and instead, I need to try to find a way to get the key duplicated and quickly. There are self-service kiosks like Minute Key and several stores to get keys made. In this guide, I tell you where to find keys made near me and you!

To avoid the trouble of having to visit the locksmith, it’s advisable to have a duplicate made and kept handy, in case the need arises.

Now the big question is, where can I get keys made near me?

Answer: so many places.

Luckily for us who easily get our keys lost, more and more places are now available for us to not only get a key done but to duplicate them and have them handy.

Use Our Zip Code Search To Find Local Places To Get Keys Made

Input your zip code in the search box below to find local places nearest to you to get keys made. Please enable popups on your browser.

What Stores Make Keys?

Many types of stores like home improvement, grocery and automotive make keys for you. There are self-service kiosks like Minute Key as well. We have provided a list of 21 places for you to check out below:

Home Improvement Stores

21 Places To Get Keys Made Near You! (1)
Not knowing about the many available options when it comes to places you can get keys made can limit you to only home improvement stores. Here, we give you stores that are most common to have your keys made.

#1 Home Depot

Kicking us off on the list is Home Depot. being one of the biggest and reliable stores when it comes to home improvement in the country, they give key cutting in every location. They provide high standard services when it comes to key cutting and also help with automotive.

How Much Does It Cost To Get a Key Made at Home Depot?

Keys at Home Depot in the key kiosk cost $1.50 each. There are several designs you can put on the keys like your favorite sports teams, designs for women and men. It is very fast to get your keys made at Home Depot.

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#2 Lowes

Another important store used for replacement key made is Lowes. It is one of the major players when it comes to home improvement space. Located in Canada, Florida, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, North Carolina, Ohio and more.

#3 Ace Hardware

Have you ever had issues with the customer service of some stores? I know, it can be annoying.

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Ace hardware is one of the stores which its customer service is better than major stores like Home Depot and Lowes. Although it is not as big as the rest but it grants key services in major locations. Their main area of specialty is in standard keys, auto keys and brass doors.

They are located all around the U.S. but be sure to give them a call before heading there.

#4 True Value Hardware

Another home improvement store is True Value Hardware. With more than 4,000 stores, True Value Hardware grant key replacement service and can help your key made.

#5 Menard’s

Menard’s is easy to use with an efficient kiosks self-service. They do not have a lot of stores in the United States, as the midwest is where they are primarily based. They are also a home improvement store so be sure to call or check online before you head over.

#6 Sears

In the 1980’s and 90’s, being one of the most popular brands and having dwindled over time, Sears owns more than 500 locations across the United States. If you need key cutting options, they will offer that whether it is for standard or auto keys. So if you happen to find them in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to get your key made.

Grocery Stores to Get Keys Made Near Me and You

While you might be reluctant to visit a home improvement store, your grocery and retail store can help to get your key made. Sometimes, you might have to take the responsibility of attending to things yourself rather than making use of the home implement stores but using self-service kiosks.

#7 Rite Aid

Over 4,000 Rite Aid stores are spread throughout 42 states in the U.S. and is one of the highly known grocery and drug stores, they can get your key made.

For standard door keys, auto and house keys, Rite-Aid grants copying services. Not only that they offer copying services, but they as well offer lockout services.

In case you lose the copies of your key, do not worry yourself because Rite Aid makes lockout services available so you can use a fingerprint to access your key design which would have been saved to a kiosk.

#8 Walmart

21 Places To Get Keys Made Near You! (2)

At the Walmart near me, there is a key kiosk where you can make keys!

Walmart is one of the biggest stores in the U.S. It comprises of home improvement, retail and grocery stores all under its roof so it is alright to say that key copying is one of the services it offers.

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Customers can either use a self-service kiosk or get help from a person but this depends on the location. If you are not comfortable with a self-service kiosk then make sure to call in to confirm hours or if a person will be available to attend to you.

Does Walmart Make Keys?

Yes. They have a kiosk called Minute Key at many of their stores. Use our zip code search above to find Minute Key locations near you.

How Much Does It Cost To Make a Key at Walmart?

It can run $4 to $6 to get a key made on the Minute Key kiosk at Walmart stores. The price depends on the type of key you are trying to create.

#9 Fred Meyer

Having the same similarities to Walmart, Fred-Meyer an even upgraded version of Walmart. Grocery items and home improvement are most of what it offers.

Unlike Walmart, Fred Meyer makes a person available when you have to use a self-service kiosk if there’s a need for you to ask questions. They also boost a great customer service. They are only operational in three states so make sure you go through their website before visiting.

#10 WinCo Foods

Their groceries have one of the best deals even though they are not one of the biggest grocery stores in the U.S. For custom keys, auto keys and standard ones as well they offer copying services and key cutting.

Winco only has locations in California, Texas, Washington D.C., Idaho, Arizona and Nevada.

#11 Kroger

Kroger is a giant when it comes to grocery stores as the command a big chain of stores in the nation. They have kiosks available for key cutting and most of their stores are majorly in the South and Midwest region of the U.S.

They construct auto key and door keys for you as well as other specialty types. If you need where to buy groceries at cheap rates, Kroger is where you need to visit. Be sure to check online or call ahead for inquiries.

#12 Meijer

Meijer’s comprises of a large retail and grocery store. Located in the midwest region of the U.S., including Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky and Wisconsin. If you happen to find yourself in one of these areas, bear in mind that they offer UltraLite, auto and home key cutting services.

#13 Safeway

A popular saying goes “if you want something done, you have to do it yourself”; For those who like to get things done themselves, Safeway is where you need to visit. As a popular and a big grocery store chain, they can help you with what you need for key copying.

Please note that you’ll have to do it yourself because all their services in various locations are kiosk only. With fingerprint scans like Rite-Aid, you can also access your key. Always check online for hours and details of location and key copying service offers.

Automotive Stores

Another set of stores that are useful when it comes to key copying are Automotive stores. The few problems they face is that some auto keys may not be duplicated, so there will be a need for you to visit your dealer for a replacement or duplicate.


#14 Pep Boys

Popularly known as an automotive store and granting self-service kiosk for duplicating or replacement of home or auto keys. Plus Pep Boys can help get your key made and also change your oil at low prices.

#15 Advance Auto Parts

Being a large auto store, Advance Auto Parts has more than 5,200 stores across the nation and is operational in 43 out of the 50 states. They are also situated around the world in places like Car quest Branded stores and under Worldpac Canada, U.S. Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico. Locate a nearby store and have your home and auto keys problem solved.

#16 Napa Auto Parts

Napa Auto Parts has been in existence for close to a hundred years. Being one of the huge brands when it comes to automotive, they are very well recognized for having an impeccable customer service and it is also a great place to get your key made.

#17 O’Reilly Auto Parts

It is very easy to find an O’Reilly Auto Parts store because they are operational in almost every state in the U.S., offering self-service kiosks and key cutting services. They are also a big automotive store

Other Options For Key Replacements

21 Places To Get Keys Made Near You! (3)

#18 Locksmith

If you happen to misplace or damage your key, the option that sometimes come to mind in key replacement are locksmiths, but they can be rather expensive. The service fee of a locksmith is more expensive than the list provided above. So be sure you have a key hidden or a couple of duplicates to save money and not need the services of a locksmith.

But if you must use a locksmith, be sure to check and make proper inquiry to guarantee they are authorized and reputable.

Make calls or use the “message” feature to reach out to other locksmiths. You can also use the app to get an update of their reviews, rates and get feedback.

#19 Key Me App

I’m sure you will never have guessed it but yeah, getting a key made has an app.

You can get the app on Android and iOS platforms. Now all you need to do after you have downloaded the app is to take a picture of your key and the replacement will be sent to your house. Their performance level is high when it comes to designing lockouts, keys and custom accessories, which will all be from the comfort of your home. Note that it might not be done as quickly as being in a retail store, it just serves as another alternative.

#20 MinuteKey

Are you a sports fan? Well, this might come in handy. With MinuteKey, your sport teams can be customized on the keys regardless of the team you support.

MinuteKey are kiosks that are sited inside and outside retail stores, like Walmart, around the country. They are easy to use and they only thing needed from you is to follow the instructions after you have inserted your key.

#21 Car Dealerships

For those with auto keys, this is exclusively for you depending on the car you use. They can come in handy but also are very expensive. I will advise you to look for another option on this list.

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The Different Types of Keys

21 Places To Get Keys Made Near You! (4)
Sometimes you see “do not duplicate” written on some keys. Most stores will reject any offer you make to them to duplicate such keys. I know this because I have been in such situations and have tried everything possible only to get refused times without number.
How do you go about it?
All you need to do is to get a direct contact with the business or individual and inquire how you can get a copy or key made.

Finally, let’s take a look at the types of keys you might be looking to duplicate.

House & Office Keys

These are the most common requested keys and very available with vendors.

Auto Keys

Unlike house and office keys, they are not as easy to duplicate. A lot has to be considered like the model of your car or if you’ll be needing a special service for replacement.

High-Performance Keys

High-performance keys are sometimes said to be home and office keys. Although it may not be available in all locations but compared to traditional keys, they are accurate.

Instead of making use of a kiosk, make an effort to put a call through or visit a home improvement store.

How Much Does It Cost To Get Keys Made Near Me?

Using other options can be relatively cheaper. But when a traditional locksmith has to visit you, the service visit can attract huge fees.
Keys can cost between $1 to $6. Traditional house and office keys cost lesser than auto keys. If you request that a remote locking system be attached to your car key then this will cost more.

More Places For Keys Made Near Me and You?

With all this information stated above, you can see that there are more than enough places where you can have your key made in the U.S.

Maybe soon enough Amazon will come up with ways which we can replace our keys. Keep your fingers crossed on that.

Do you know more places for keys made near me and you? Please leave us a comment! I want this to be a comprehensive guide to help others find places to get keys made near them. 🙂

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