Judge Feedback

Feedback is absolutely essential to the growth and development of a writer's storytelling skills.  With that, we understand writers are especially interested to learn how our professional screenplay judges react to their scripts.

We offer the optional service to order Judge Feedback from our judges in conjuction with your contest entry.  If you order Judge Feedback, your project's Preliminary Round judge will prepare a thorough, multi-page written assessment of your screenplay's strengths and weaknesses, including insights as to how your screenplay was scored along with detailed commentary and constructive criticisms regarding the judge's overall impressions of your script including specific feedback and advice regarding story, formatting, structure, plot, pacing, character, and marketability.

This feedback can be especially helpful for future drafts and in identifying and correcting fixable flaws in a script before taking it to market or sending to agencies and production companies.

Our Judges’ goal is to provide you with frank and honest input that can be useful and constructive toward helping you to continue to develop your screenplay and writing skills.

How to Order

If you decide you’d like Judge Feedback on your script, simply add the category in FilmFreeway. The fee for this service is $80.

Your Judge Feedback will be emailed to you at the conclusion of the judging process prior to the official awards announcement.

Important: If you wish to order Judge Feedback, you must order it when you enter the contest. Otherwise, your Judge will not write notes for you and you will not receive your contest scores.

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